Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Emulsion

Trying to be active again. You thought I stopped blogging? Mehehe Maintaining a blog is hard! Unless, all I have to do is post pictures and not share my thoughts about a product. Then it wouldn't be a review anymore. How can people maintain their channel on Youtube? Amazing are their powers to manage time!

I have had enough of face lotions and decided to try emulsions. Maybe later, serums. But for now, I'll be sharing my thoughts about my first time to try an emulsion. I've read blogs and watched videos comparing face lotions, emulsions, and serums. Maybe I should jump into the bandwagon and try some for myself. It benefits my skin so why not?

Compared to face lotions, emulsions are much lighter and runny on skin(physically). I don't think it has more of a concentrated ingredient than of a lotion. I know serums are more concentrated. Correct me if I am wrong.

Good thing the box came with English text! Phew!

"Moist and rich textured facial emulsion supplies penetrating moisture and collagen treatment to improve complexion health and look"
Active Ingredients: Baobab Tree extract and Collagen

With my regular routine in the morning, after cleansing I apply the emulsion on my face and neck using my hands, first spreading it then patting it in gently for full absorption. In the evening, I cleanse, tone and then use the emulsion again to restore moisture.

 I've been using this for two months now and I can see good results from this product. This is my close-to-a-miracle product. I find my skin is more fine to touch with regular use of the emulsion. Even blackheads around my nose are lesser now. I still have dry patches on my face but lesser. I use a "scrub" once a week to help me get rid of dry skin. I am using Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Ok, back to talking about the emulsion. I have never experienced anything bad from this product. Collagen really is good for the skin!
I choose emulsion over lotion because of the consistency. Lotion is heavy and sticky on the face (my experience). Emulsion is really light and not sticky at all! And I can really feel that my skin has restored moisture because of the emulsion. 

My mom has visible (good) results from the emulsion. Freckles are beautiful but my mom had her freckles in a darker shade, maybe because of her age and exposure to impurities. She doesn't like it sometimes. Hahaha
R-L: April '13 and December '13

My mom has been using the emulsion since August or September. And just look at the pictures above, you can totally see that her skin has improved. Maybe those weren't freckles at all? Maybe just dark spots from the bad environment. And she's very happy to have used the emulsion! Collagen is definitely good for the skin. All the hype from Asian countries is just so true!

Have you tried an emulsion? Or something with collagen? I heard there are powdered milk with collagen in it. How was it? Do you have positive results from it? Let me know! Until next time!

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  1. yup serum is more concentrated but I find lotion more light than emulsion or the one that i tried is lighter...lighter than moistful collagen emulsion. great results on your mom, moisturization is vital in reducing the appearance of freckles

  2. Really? What lotion is that? I've tried Etude House Aloe something and TheFaceShop E'thym Collagen Water and it was all thicker than this one. Heee :>
    Oohh. But she was using some other creams for moisture. Hmm. Maybe this shows how effective this one is. :D

  3. it's from Mizon, I ordered it online. Oh the Etude House cream by the way is good and they say it's a dupe for Cliniques's Moisture surge

  4. hi adobo! hehehe. i am your adobo. hahaha. i was curious on this product and i somehow landed on your blog! waaa! nice! i found your review good hence, i shall buy it na. hahaha! aw,

  5. Hi adobo! Hahahaha Ka ulaw ani oy. Hahaha
    Go go go! :) Naa podd sila'y mask ani na line. :)


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