Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I wasn't able to make a review about this last week because I had an almost a week fever and I was just really weak to face the monitor and do the review. :(( Anyhoooooooo
Dun dun dun! I've jumped into the bandwagon. This is one of the most recently raved product in the internet and it is quite convincing because of pictures that shows it in eliminating those eekky stuff that's on your face!  So I convinced my mom to buy one (since I'm currently unemployed and still thinking of what to do with my life---I am serious.) and gladly she was convinced. Hahahaha

First Impression

It comes in a pump bottle. I just love products that comes with a pump. That's why I tend to buy my lotion, facial cleanser and other beauty products in it's biggest size because almost all of it comes in a pump bottle. Do you have the same feels as mine? Pump bottles makes life easier. Hahahahaha And you totally have control of how much product you want out of it.

Wwwoooaaahhh there! P1500.00 for a 250g product is expensivo. But with all the ravings here and there? I thought it'll be a nice try.

I see what you did there! Hahahaha It's nice that they made a sticker of the descriptions and all in English. 
What it claims, direction for use, their social network sites, and whatever is there.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel: Japan's No. 1 Exfoliant Skincare Product

  • 90% Water (Hydrogen Water)
  • Preservative free
  • Coloring Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

✔ Gently removes dry and dead skin.
✔ Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES!

Let's do the rub-bud-dub...whut? This is not downy! Hahahaha K. (← Pinoys can relate)
  1. Applying Cure on my newly washed hands.
  2. Rub rub rub
  3. Dead skin and dirt are beginning to show off.
  4. And rinse with water

  • For all skin types
  • No beads. Pure gel so it's super gentle.
  • Preservative free
  • Coloring Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Can last up to four months (If used twice a week) (Well, they cure claims)
  • Doesn't dries up skin after exfoliating. (It's like cetaphil!)

  • It has this certain smell I can't explain. But it's not that bad. I don't think it's a con. I just have to let you know about it. Hahahaha
  • Costs P1,500.00. Expensive for a 250g product. But you guyzzzz, it does the job. And it'll last you up to four months with twice a week use. It's like P375.00/month. But I know, there are products worth lower or equal to P375.00 that can last up to four months too.
All in all, this is now a favorite of mine and I'll be adding this in my skin care routine. This is a first time that I am actually adding an exfoliating product on my skin care routine. Most of the exfoliating products I've used, the St. Ives one, doesn't really do good and just makes my acne worse. -__- But as I am becoming an adult (I'm not and will not be using the word old. Hahahaha) my skin is kinda good now. It doesn't react badly to products I am new to. If you'll be asking me if I'm gonna repurchase this, it is a yes! And recommend this to you? Yes! This is a great product and maybe it'll be your favorite too.



  1. hi elle, i saw this product too in beauty bar, i was surprised with its price so i didn't buy it. also i have no more moniez atm. your mom is so nice to buy one for you :)hm maybe i can ask my mom too ^^ thanks for sharing your review!

  2. It seems to be something nice, thanks for the review!

    You have a nice blog, would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? You can take a look into my blog and let me know!

  3. Great review dear. I was able to grab a sample from Beauty Bar and have tried product too. This one works magic! You have a nice blog. I just followed you via GFC & Bloglovin. Can you follow me back, pretty please. See you in my blog!

    XX, IamJenniya
    New Post! >> Bustiers and Bandeaus

  4. Just make lambing to your mom, Shayne! ;) Hahahahaha

  5. There's so many good reviews about this product, but the price has just been putting me off!! I really do want to try it though haha :) Great blog btw!


  6. i've tried this already and you are right it delivers! :) although the price is more like blehh... but if it delivers why not just buy it! :) i blogged about it too! :)

  7. I love this too, it works amazingly, but yes, the only con is really the price. oh japanese products, why so expensive? T_T


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