Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Etude House Korean Ginseng Mask Sheet Review and a chit-chat life update sorts

~`^ Revitalizing and Nourishing ^`~

Much needed mask AFTER FINISHING MEDICINE YEAR ONE! Finally! It was one hell of a ride and a walk in a park...Jurassic park that is. I bought this right after our very last exam of the academic year!

The mask was ok. Nothing fancy at all. I just hated the way it was folded in. It was folded a million times in a very complicated pattern of folding. Why not just fold it into 4 or 6 regular how-I-fold-my-handkerchief? The smell has a bit of a nutty scent than of a ginger to me. It was way overpowering for me and I ended up sneezing the whole time the mask was on my face.


It did a good job moisturizing my face. There was no allergic reactions and even redness was negative. There were extra "cream" left on the packaging which I squeezed out and used it on my neck, hands, elbows and knees. To add, there was no brightening effect after use.
The next morning, my pimples were already dry! I never expected it to happen but it happened. If it's not because of this, I wouldn't have liked this mask.

*end of review*

Images by Freepik