Friday, October 31, 2014

Haul: Etude House The Great Princess Sale!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Hahahaha Who doesn't love S-A-L-E? This is just a quick post so here's what I got this afternoon.

Eyelash curler
I still have my first but I think it's time to change it.

Pearl Aura Brightening Essence Lotion
This is for the mother. She's running out of her recent moisturizer.

Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer
I originally wanted to get the Mom and Kid sunblock because I need to have my daily sun screen game on. Not just from my Majolica Majorca powder which only has SPF 15(?). But I saw this product so I got it instead. It's a moisturizer with SPF 30/PA++ and it's cheaper compared to the mom and kid sunblock.

Hyaluronic Acid face mask
Because it's the -ber season. My skin gets really dry, super dry. -__-

Lip and Eye Remover
Again, who wants their lips and eyes removed? Hahaha

Drawing Eyebrow (#1)
This is a hit in my blog. You people should get yours now! This is my nth time repurchasing it. I was thinking of getting the gray one but too scared on how it'll look on me.

I got the wonder pore for free, by the way.

Awesome sale indeed! It's 20% off in every single item! What are you waiting for? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review + Photos + Swatch: NYX butter gloss Cherry pie, Raspberry tart, Tiramisu

NYX butter gloss: Cherry Pie, Raspberry Tart, Tiramisu
All I wanna do is find my way back into love... My love for lip glosses came back when I tried these babies! Admit it, high school is mostly our lip gloss phase or if you started early, then elementary. Agree?

Chit-chat. You can totally skip this ►► I wanted to step out of my nudes and pink and explore more on the reds and plums. I thought lip glosses will help me with it since they're not that "in your face" when it comes to darker shades as compared to a lipstick. Well, that's what I thought with these until I tried them myself. There are tons of brands who are offering lip glosses that are really pigmented, may it be drugstore or high end. People just have to explore and find what's best suited for them.◄◄Chit-chat. You can totally skip this 

These NYX butter glosses comes in a lot of shades that I want to have them all! I'm eyeing on you, peaches and cream, peach cobbles, sugar cookie and cupcake...ok all of them. -__- I am actually waiting for my devil's food cake to arrive in a few weeks now. *wink*

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Update? Update.

To start, I am kind of moving on with my MAC lipstick addiction and now transitioning to NYX. At least it's a lot cheaper but it's still an addiction. I am declaring that 2014 is my lipstick addiction phase.

What? Where have I been? Well, I'm still where I am but with an additional touch of MED SCHOOL. It just consumed all of my time and energy, but it really paid off during the 1st quarter. My 2nd quarter was really a roller coaster with a carousel and oh gawd put all the rides in the world in this sentence. In short, I was and am still busy with Med school but it's sem break now hence the update!

My free time since my last post is now dedicated to myself without anything bothering my mind. Oh wth, sleep is what I meant. Since school started, I only get to have 4hrs of sleep most of the time. And it's killing my skin, not just my skin, but my whole body. I didn't know I have to go through being sick just to help the sick. But I know it will all be worth the sleepless nights and stress.

Oh don't worry, I've arranged things to be posted here. What takes most of my time in blogging is taking pictures of the products. It takes a lot of time than writing something about it. I am not complaining at all. This is something I like and it never bothers me. I also like Med school, a lot, but I get frustrated easily so I get stressed a lot more.

How's life been to you? Feel free to tell me anything in the comments section. Update me as wekk

Images by Freepik