Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review + Photos + Swatch: NYX butter gloss Cherry pie, Raspberry tart, Tiramisu

NYX butter gloss: Cherry Pie, Raspberry Tart, Tiramisu
All I wanna do is find my way back into love... My love for lip glosses came back when I tried these babies! Admit it, high school is mostly our lip gloss phase or if you started early, then elementary. Agree?

Chit-chat. You can totally skip this ►► I wanted to step out of my nudes and pink and explore more on the reds and plums. I thought lip glosses will help me with it since they're not that "in your face" when it comes to darker shades as compared to a lipstick. Well, that's what I thought with these until I tried them myself. There are tons of brands who are offering lip glosses that are really pigmented, may it be drugstore or high end. People just have to explore and find what's best suited for them.◄◄Chit-chat. You can totally skip this 

These NYX butter glosses comes in a lot of shades that I want to have them all! I'm eyeing on you, peaches and cream, peach cobbles, sugar cookie and cupcake...ok all of them. -__- I am actually waiting for my devil's food cake to arrive in a few weeks now. *wink*

They're just so irresistible and GAWD if you haven't smelled these you should go buy one for yourself and SMELL it, people! It's like a patisserie in your own home or lips. It smells sweet and I am loving it!! Though they taste like...nothing, really. I use them everyday for the record.

NYX butter gloss in between NYX soft matte lip cream

Packaging wise, they're similar to their sister from another mister except that their caps are glossy as well. Consistency, people. They are scratched a lot less likely than the SMLC ones.

On application and how it feels on the lips, it's very good. One swipe is all it takes to have a color on and you can totes build up the color by applying more. It feels sticky while applying but when it sits, it's not sticky at all. Feels like a balm on the lips actually. You know something is there but it's not heavy.

Color pay-off is great for a lip gloss. I think people should be expecting a lot from lip glosses in this generation since they are kind of "hybrids" now. It's like a tint but glossy in finish. Can you imagine what I'm trying to say here? Hahaha I hope so. It's not like it settles on the lines of the lips like tints do; but the effect of the color when they are on the lips.

Wears pretty much 2 hours on me. I eat and drink...all the time. Whether in class or not. So yeah.

Did I miss anything? Oh, lip swatches? It will be in a separate post. *wink* And for the other things that I've forgot to mention, you can ask me through the comments section. I haven't yet decided which one is my favorite among the three shades I have. But I find myself grabbing cherry pie more than the others.

And yes, another take in presenting the products. What do you think about the "floating" product? I still love the silver bokeh but I also do love these type of photos, warm and cozy. The product looks like floating, it's magic! Hahaha But I think the bokeh effect + reflection wins this time. Especially Christmas is fast approaching. Everything that sparkles is Christmas...for me.


  1. Totally searched for way back into love because of your opening line!!! Hahaha I really really want to try these glosses now! :(

  2. Or perhaps the movie? :D I loved the movie!
    You should! They are a staple!! Go go go!

  3. wow great colors i love the purple one, I started using lipgloss when I was in elementary and lipsticks in high school. HAHA.

  4. OH DAMN. I need tiramisu! I've been wanting tiramisu and creme brulee for the longest time but have held off after buying 3 shades! I love them so much and the quality of these glosses are fantastic and great for dry lips!

  5. Angel food cake is gorge to death too! I think I might get it. Hahahaha
    I know! These are great for people who has dry lips! I forgot to mention it.

  6. Love NYX make-up. The Tiramisu looks gorgeous!


  7. I love your product pictures! The silver bokeh is so festive! <3

  8. I know! I can't let go of them. Hahaha


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