Saturday, May 24, 2014

MAC Impassioned Review, Pictures, and Lip Swatch

The anxiety level of buying makeup online is just crazy! I got this from @cebumakeuponline (instagram) and have no one to ask about if she's a seller of authentic makeup. But scrolling down to her feed, I've seen "testimonies" from buyers and they are pretty reliable. Is reliable the word that I'm looking for? Hahahaha Anyhoo, she doesn't over stock so this means there's a slight chance that she's selling fake ones. The rest of the story? Down below!

Shade and Finish
Described by MAC as amped-up fuchsia in amplified finish. Really pigmented since it is in an amplified finish. Compared to Chatterbox, Impassioned looks warmer and brighter. Think neon red-pink or watermelon pink that has a yellow undertone. Makes teeth look yellow, sadly. I really thought this is an over the top bright red-pink but thanks to the reddish tint to it, it's not that scary for me.

Lip Swatch
It comes off a bit frosty on the photo. Maybe the brightness or something. But in reality, it has a creamy effect. Slight sheen, not frosty at all. I really feel bad about its shade coming out of my camera. Tsssk It feels really light on the lips and lasts for a long period of time. 5 hours tops with minimal eating and drinking. Even after lunch, I can still see some lip color, not patchy at all.

The online purchase
I gave in and purchased two MAC lipsticks even though she's not posting the actual product online. She were selling them for only P900.00. A hundred pesos off than the ones at the MAC counters. Giving in to something that makes me save only P100.00 and no assurance if the lipsticks are authentic, I don't know what I was thinking.
Came the day I got my hands of the product, I immediately checked them. Felt authentic but I have to compare it thoroughly with my authentic ones. Reached home, immediately pulled off my MAC Chatterbox. From packaging, the insides, the scent, the label, everything...perfectly matched! Phew!
Wait, you just read all of that? Hahahahaha Mwah!

I might be updating this post with an additional lip swatch for you to see the color in a much closer to reality. The above photo is quite ok but I think I can achieve an even better photo.

--Edit 1.2--
So the iPhone captured the color well! Horay! 
Photo under "Lip Swatch" is close but it's just too bright. In reality, it's really warmer.
Added the picture on the left today (052914) for more color precision. Hahaha I can't sleep thinking I have not posted the perfect picture of the color. The photo is taken indoor facing the big ass glass/window of Starbucks at Ayala Center Cebu New Wing--- the perfect lighting set-up I'm wishing to have at home.


  1. I'm becoming more and more curious about the amplified lipsticks from MAC. Hmmm. Hafta look for a shade that I can try :p

  2. Looks super pretty on you! I'm gonna go and have a look for this one!

  3. It's a nice pink shade! Amplified ones have great colour payoff talaga! :D

  4. You should! The color pay-off is superb but still creamy on the lips. :)

  5. I knoooww! Almost all of my MAC lipsticks are in amplified finish! Hahahaha

  6. Much prettier in person! I can't give justice to this color because...noob camera settings skills. Hahahaha

  7. "expected from Mac lipsticks" Hahaha

  8. great shade, i think it suits you well :) and good thing authentic sya! worth it!

  9. I really love the shades with Amplified finish sa Mac they're all pretty! hehe
    You're on the roll with the Mac lippies ha, I saw that you recently bought Show Orchid as well! LOL I follow cebumakeuponline on instagram as well coz I bought my sleek palette from her last year... she's really nice ^_^

  10. This make-up looks beautiful on you :) love the lipstick x

  11. I knoooow! That was such a relief! :D

  12. I know. I think they are my favorite! Well, I haven't tried other finishes except for amplified and frost. Hahaha But with the opacity I can get with the amplified ones, and the non-drying formula, I AM SOLD!
    Oooh. Hahaha I'm currently hoarding MAC lipsticks. I think most of us got into that stage. Hahahaha >__< Yup! She's really really nice! :D

  13. I think the no makeup makeup is really trending right now. Hahaha Thank you! :*

  14. Wait, you just read all of that? Hahahahaha Mwah! -- LOL
    it looks different on both set of swatches haha, this is on my list too but not on top of the list kase parang may binabagayan lang na konte yung color.

    i called mac and they said ard June 1 is the release of the alluring line! omg im going to cry if masold out agad the blush that i want. what are you getting from the alluring line? :)

  15. Hahaha So you read all of the blabbering? :D
    I know! I was really frustrated it that the color isn't coming out the way I wanted it to be (close to reality).

    WHHAATT? I really thought mid of June pa! Shetmemeng. Hahaha I really wanted to have the blushes too (that'll be my first ever!) but maybe I should first practice using cheaper ones. I am sure I'll be getting the lipstick...s Hahahahaha Mystical or/and Goddess of the Sea. ;)


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