Saturday, May 11, 2013

Avon Skin So Soft Soft and White Glutathione

Price: P189.00 (promo)
Place bought: Avon dealer
Product content: 250ml

Hello, brats! Today's post is all about this fab find. Though it is already summer here in the Philippines, some of us, still wants to maintain our soft and white skin.

In my thorough wikipedia research, Marula oil contains antioxidants! Horah!
"Skin looks and feels renewed and rejuvenated in just 12 hours! Infused with Glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant, this leaves skin radiantly glowing and more youthful looking. It is a lightweight moisturizer that improves skin's clarity and makes skin look whiter immediately after the first application. Formulated to help decelerate melanin production and gives dark skin a fairer skin tone."

Honestly, this is my first whitening product. Shame on me I am confident in my own skin color(You should be too!) and I am not that conscious about how "fair" I am. I've embraced it since I was a kid that I am born in a tropical country, a filipino(though le mom is half chinese and le dad is half spanish), so that only means I can't be like snow white. This is sooo off topic.

↓↓ You can skip this if you're a lazy me.↓↓
Mine is half empty now so I can really write a good review on this one.
Avon says: Skin looks and feels renewed and rejuvenated in just 12 hours.
Littellebrat says: Totally agreeing with Avon.
Avon says: It is a lightweight moisturizer that improves skin's clarity and makes skin look whiter immediately after the first application.
Littellebrat says: Well, it is lightweight but my Nivea lotion is feels lighter. Skin looks whiter upon application. It's sorcery my dear brats! Hahaha It made me think that it acts like a dye for sometime. (-__-") I think it's one of the ingredients that's responsible for this sorcery.
Avon says: Formulated to help decelerate melanin production and gives dark skin a fairer skin tone.
Littellebrat says: Hmmm. None that I have noticed yet. I am still halfway through and maybe I can't see much of a difference. It didn't do anything about my ~tan lines~ on my arms(since I don't wear sunblock and I am too lazy to bring an umbrella with me---Umbrella is essential in the Philippines even if it's not raining.) Maybe in the long run, my ~tan lines~ would fade or whatever.

I just have one problem with this lotion. I have really sensitive skin, like really really sensitive skin. The instant whitening of this product or what I call the "dye" effect of this product irritates my skin in a very brutal way. At first, I thought it was just the humidity that makes my skin red and itchy. I even have tiny visible red spots but not that it is alarming. Which all of those are "normal"(Those who have sensitive skin can relate. Hahaha) for me. But it was getting really bad because I was getting this medium sized bumps(like chicken skin) all over my arms and shin area and it gets worse because of frequent scratching.

I suspected the lotion because of the following reasons:

  • Since all of the above evidences started when I started using the lotion. 
  • There are times when I wash my hands after minutes of applying the lotion and there was this slippery substance, it was like I was already applying hand soap, then the soft and smooth feeling of my skin "washed off". I compared it to the other parts of my skin and I was starting to wonder if that was the lotion.
  • Days after, I tried using the lotion but only at the bottom half of my body and another lotion on the upper part. I still experience the itchiness and redness but only on the bottom part where I applied the lotion.
 But dear brats, don't be afraid to try this product. I've pointed out a very discouraging opinion about the product but do always remember that a product may work on you but not on others.

This product has highlights too, you know. 
  • If you have dry skin and dull skin, this is a must try lotion! I can tell, it can pass as a replacement for people who has dry and flaky skin(like I have).
  • It makes skin super smooth which is a plus plus plus for a lotion.
  • It's lightweight so it is not sticky.
Overall, I love this product and  I would have given this a perfect score minus the negative reaction of my skin. I'm still finding ways on how to consume this without the nega reaction...can I?



  1. I'm used to buy Avon stuff before, because my friend was an Avon dealer! =D

    But I have never bought creams or lotions from them. Thanks for review =)

  2. awesome review! though I've never tried any lotion from Avon this one looks promising! ^_^

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  4. great review!! Beuaty picture.


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