Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Nichido Minerals / Precise eye pencil

Price: P138.00
Place bought: Metro Department Store

I have been wanting to try this eyeliner from Nichido but it is just a bit pricey compared to other local brands; but Nichido has other waterproof eyeliners that is cheaper than this but the label "mineral" caught my eyes so I decided to go for this one. Another reason is that I swatched it at the counter together with the other waterproof eyeliners, this didn't come off when I rubbed it.

Enough with my story telling about how I ended up getting this. It promises---well, it's imprinted, that it is waterproof and allergy tested. About the silica, mica and oxide, I have something to share with you about it. I just googled this stuff so please read if you want. Just click on the text if you want to be redirected to what site I got it.
To sum up all, they are basically what makes a cosmetic waterproof---Skin hugging agent, insoluble in water. Three active ingredients for this to be oh so waterproof and even oil proof. I have oily lids, yah knoooww.

I have used it up a bit before I got the product shots. It's not ugly, it's not just sharpen or whatever but the camera makes it look pretty.

The ultimate test
(1x stoke, 2x stokes, endlesssss strokes)
My wrist is still damp in this photo
After putting it under running water and some major rubbing, it faded a bit and made some minor smudges. I repeat, major rubbing. It didn't get all washed out.

Wiped it with "good morning" face towel---doih, do I have to mention I wiped it with a "good morning" towel? hahaha Anyhoo, there was some rubbing(this sounds so wrong) after wiping my wrist to dry and as you can see in the photo, it is nearly gone.

  • Pure matte black
  • Super waterproof
  • Glides smoothly on the waterline
  • None that I could think of



  1. Is the first time than I see this brand Nichido is really new to me! The eyepencil looks nice! Thanks for the review~~
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  2. Hi please join my Giveaway

  3. Aw thanks for sharing this nice review! It's also the first time I heard about this brand. :)

    ♥ Maho

  4. Wow, this looks like it goes on really smoothly! o: Definitely something I'll look into for tight-lining!
    This is my first time seeing this brand too~
    Thank you for the review! ^^

  5. This is probably only available in the Philippines. I'm not sure though :)


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