Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ELF Lip Stain

I've been eyeing for this lip stain for quite awhile. I actually prefer lip stains over lipsticks even though I have dry, chapped lips. Lip stains give a "natural" color on lips and they can last longer than some lipsticks and they are dual purpose too, they can be used for the cheeks.

Nude Nectar--- pigment rich, long lasting color
I really though I got a reddish tone. I was gonna purchase their studio lip stain in red but it wasn't available and the sales assistant told me to try this instead since it's still red. I was confident and didn't read the label saying "NUDE NECTAR". 

 Disclaimer: I didn't do a swatch on this marker-like lip stain at the counter.

But instead of whining and getting the right shade, I thought of giving this a try. I also love nude lip stains 'cause you can just pair it with any eye makeup you're wearing.

ELF claims ...
 First impression:
Cheap and promises to be pigment rich and long lasting? Why not give it a try! and it's nude so it won't be a waste since I can use this in my everyday look.

Kinda similar to Revlon's just bitten lip stains+balm but ELF has a pointy end and this doesn't come with a lip balm. I wished this could be rounder, it's really ticklish when applying using the pointy tip. The cover also doesn't fit the other end of the marker so you have to hold it or place somewhere else when applying.

This post actually has a rant(?). As I opened this for product shots for the blog, the newer the product the better time  to take product shots! Firstly, here's a swatch on my hand and wrist.

Nude as it can be. Pretty color for everyday look but this won't be of any use for people who has dark lips. This is my first time to have a marker-like stain but does stains to be swiped a million times before it gives a color? Even if it's nude? I don't think so. As you can see on the photos, my swatches are thick because the pointy end of the stain doesn't give off any of the products so I tried swatching the product by sideways. Ok, I'm having a hard time describing how I get a swatch so here's a video.

Well, a link because the video I posted here didn't work.

I'm really disappointed with this. But I can't say all of their lip stain makers won't work at all. Maybe mine was a one in a thousand that is ~*`defective`*~ (Urgh. I don't have any other technical and acceptable term for it. Sorry.)

I am still gonna purchase another one but in a bold color.

I am not doing this to discourage consumers and give ELF a bad reputation.

This is also not a review since I haven't tested this myself.

Do you guys own and tried this ELF lip stain? How is it? Comment down below!


  1. It's a shame this didn't turn out the way you wanted. :c Thanks for the review though! >u<

  2. That's so misleading to have red packaging but it's a nude color! I haven't been very happy with most of my ELF products lately. I think only their gloss are worth buying because they're amaaaazing! Definitely recommend if you're looking for gloss. :)

  3. Yes! super misleading! they should have it in a brown packaging! -__-
    I've tried and still using my ELF lip stain---the two ended one. The matte and the clear gloss on the other side. I love it to bits! :)

  4. the packaging red the color turned out so different hmmm ill put this one on my "not to buy" list :P

  5. Hahaha. But I'm giving this product a second chance in different shade just to try this product out.


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