Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review + Photos + Swatch: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza and Addis Ababa

I love my butter gloss but there are days that I want them matte! Especially during finals week that I have no time to touch up my makeup. I call these soft matte lip creams as hybrids as well. You'll know why later on.

The packaging's cap is in matte form, very velvety to touch same as how the products feel on the lips. The color of the packaging is as the same as the color of the product itself. I have not tried any other lip creams out there so I really can't say if this product is beyond level  heaven. But the color range is so damn big they've got the lightest shade and even the darkest. No extreme colors like green or whatsoever though. I wanted to try the dark plum and dark red but idk if it'll fit me and summer is just right around the corner so errr.

NYX soft matte lip cream: Addis Ababa, Ibiza
These run smoothly on the lips but they do cling on the dry parts so better exfoliate and moisturize them lips before hand. Drying time is ok. Once it completely dries, I can't even feel I have something on my lips. Doesn't feel dry at all, in all honesty. Both Addis Ababa and Ibiza dry matte on the lips aka doesn't reflect light. But with Addis Ababa, which has micro glitters, it still is matte but the micro glitters are noticeable.

Ibiza is a new shade and I can't even describe what color this is on the lips but I've decided! It's a red-pink shade. Even my classmates can't tell what color it is. Hahaha
Addis Ababa is obviously a pink with micro glitters which reflects as purple and pink.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream beside NYX Butter Gloss
I haven't got the time to take photos of it wearing on my lips...aside from the selfies I do in school. Hahaha It's no decent photo for the blog, ok? I'll be posting soon together with the butter gloss with additional comments about the product. It may not be tomorrow or next week but I'll post them! Promise! ;)

So, how's the holidays you guys? 2014 is ending in three days!


  1. Happy Holidays Elle! <3 I miss yo' face

  2. I have been wanting to try these! I've heard so many amazing reviews on these matte creams. It's such a bummer NYX isn't supplied in our drugstore (I'm from the UK). Gorgeous colours you picked out :)

    Shanna |

  3. They have boutiques here in the Philippines but they're much expensive compared to the US! Just like MAC. Pfft
    I got my NYX lippies from online shops :D

  4. Raaaaaaaaaae! Happy holidays to you too! :*
    I miss you and everyone else!!

  5. oooh that's true! I may need to try online. Hopefully shipping isn't too much. I've always wanted to try Stockholm - might aswell add more to the basket to get the free shipping *excuses* lol

  6. The Addis Ababa looks really nice !! Which do you prefer Ate Elle ? the Ibiza of the Addis Ababa because they both look amazing !



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