Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dove Foaming Make Up Remover

Price: P329.00
Place bought: Watsons (SM City Cebu)
Product content: 155mL

This is my first time to try this type of makeup remover. I always remove my makeup with a makeup remover wipe and, a lip and eye makeup remover. It was very intriguing to me seeing this on the rack in Watsons. I didn't know Dove has a makeup remover! Lucky me, I got this on a 50% off sale! YAY! :D The original price is kinda steep for a student like me.

Another factor of buying this makeup remover is because of the dispenser. I love easy pump dispensers. It is really hygienic and very convenient if you are in a hurry. This also has a *stopper* which is good if you have kids around the house. My little brother always gets into my makeup stash...not that he's girlish, but I lay everything in the table, where he can easily reach and grab everything, and forget to put it back to where it is supposed to be.

What's the technical term for this? Hahahahaha Sorry for my lack of beauty vocab. -___-

Product description, How to use, and Ingredients:

"Transforms from liquid into an ultra fine foam, to effectively remove make-up."

How To use:
Dove says: Use approximately 3 pumps of the lather. Pump onto your hand and apply to your wet or dry face including eye areas to remove makeup. Rinse off.
littELLEbrat says: 3 pumps is good for the whole face and neck so you don't have to worry about excess product.
Dove says: For best results, use dry hands and on a dry face, and rinse off.
littELLEbrat says: I've tried it in Dove's way but it stings when applied onto my dry face. What I do is I apply the makeup remover onto my damp face, making it less concentrated to eliminate the stingy feeling.
Dove says: After using Dove Foaming Make Up Remover, we recommend to wash your face with Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser.
littELLEbrat says: Nnaahh, I just use my Cetaphil cleanser. I don't have Dove's.
Dove says: Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.
littELLEbrat says: I agree with Dove.

Manufacturing date printed at the bottom part of the packaging.

As you can see, the product appears to be yellow and in a liquid form. Nothing fancy and whatsoever upon looking the bottle.

The magic begins when you dispense the product. It comes off as a foam rather than the yellow liquid you see in the bottle...that's the point, obviously. 

Hand with Dior lipstick, EH lip tint, Ever Bilen brown eyebrow pencil, IN2IT eyeliner pen.
Apply onto area where you want to remove makeup. Note that the back of my hand is dry when I applied the foam. Swirl, swirl, swirl until makeup is removed, rinse off, aaannddd TA-DAH! No residue or whatsoever from the makeup.

To sum up, this makeup remover is great. Though it stings my face when I apply it directly without diluting it, I still like this product. With the price of P329.00 for a 155mL product, it's really expensive for me. With its performance, I can rely to this in removing all of my makeup.



  1. I like this one, though I also find it a bit expensive, it looks that it really does well in removing make-up. I am using Estee Lauder make-up remover but I don't like the formula. This one's new and looks nice! Thanks for the review!

  2. first time seeing this one o-o
    dove products are avaible here, but i guess this one isnt ==


  3. It does a good job in removing make up. I might check this out when I go to Watsons. :D


  4. I haven't tried Estee Lauder's. Maybe some day. :D

  5. I rarely even see this here in my place. Tssk

  6. Wow! Finally!i've been waiting for a review of this product.

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  7. Great review! I've love to try this soon! Oh by the way I tagged you! Check out the info here ^^, http://photoescape06.blogspot.com/2012/11/yey-i-got-liebster-award.html
    Much Love~!

    xx Alice

  8. oh nice find! I might try this too... :) BTW you might want to join my Holiday makeup and nail art contest. :) http://daintybabymd.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-dainty-holiday-makeup-and-nail-art.html

  9. ooh Watsons!

    I really like how foamy this product is *_*
    I normally use a toner to remove my makeup, but this has me intrigued...

  10. Such a steal. You only got this at 50% off. And nice review by the way. Makes me want to have it as well. Especially to our stubborn waterproof mascaras. :D

    ~ Sweetstrings

  11. Hey dear follower, have you noticed that my blog URL has changed? :) There you go: http://yejenny.blogspot.fi

  12. I've never tried a foam makeup remover but this one looks interesting. Great review^^

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  14. As you can see, the product appears to be yellow and in a liquid form. The magic begins when you dispense the product. It comes off as foam rather than the yellow liquid you see in the bottle...that's the point, obviously.

    easy skin cleansing process

  15. Great review! It's so thorough and I like the "Dove says, littlELLEbrat says" thing Haha keep up the great reviews! :) Following you now!!


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  17. Wow! My first time to heard of this and it looks great! Thanks for sharing this! You're so awesome!

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  18. Thank you! :* Sure, I'll be checking your blog. :*

  19. Hahaha. I'm still finding my personal style on writing reviews. :) Thanks for the follow. :*

  20. Yes, I totes grabbed this after seeing the 50% off sign! Hahahaha Original price is hella expensivo for me.

  21. Toner for removing makeup? Hmm, I've tried it when I was in highschool but waterproof products are such a pain to remove with toner.

  22. Oh gosh, will it be late if I'm going to do the tag? Nnaahh, better late than never, diba? Heeee Thanks for the tag!

  23. ive always thought this product was cool but i never got around to trying it! it looks good though :D

    xo; L&M

  24. Why don't we have this here in Manila??? Or maybe I've been out of the loop for so long.

  25. I haven't seen this in Cebu this year. :((( So sad. :(


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