Monday, November 5, 2012

Etude House Baby Volume Clear Line

Price: P128.00
Place bought: Etude House (SM City Cebu)
Product Content: 1 pair of falsies and Glue

Another falsies from Etude House Clear Line! (Check out my review of the Etude House Natural Lash Clear Line ← click click!) I am having an obsession with falsies this year and I've been collecting a lot lately. I even use them every time I go to church and going out with family. I know it's kinda weird and people here in my place isn't used to seeing someone wearing falsies in a regular stroll in the mall.

Branded falsies is kidnapping my heart from those P10.00/pair ones. In my mind, I keep on resisting in buying things which I can find downtown but the the comfort of wearing these branded falsies makes me want them more.

Product description:

The falsies were like glued with a mighty bond. It was really hard to take it off from the case!
  • How I take off falsies is I push them downwards since in that way, I believe, loosens up the glue. In this way, there will be no major stretching involve which messes up the shape of the lashes. After loosening the glue, it is time to carefully pull the lashes from the case.
But here, the downward motion of removing it didn't work so I tried pulling them as carefully as possible. Upon taking off the falsies from the case, I mess up! (Look at the photo above ↑↑↑) :(((( I was about to throw away the falsies. Hahaha I was overreacting and I just wanna cry...shallow me. But after minutes of contemplating whether to throw it away or not, I decided to just try them on anyway.

Then I saw glue all over the lashes. I was freaking out! But it isn't that bad, see ↑↑↑? It is just a tinsy weenie glue on the lashes. I thought it won't show up when worn.

Then on to the second pair, I noticed this glue sticking out of the lashes. Like 1/8 of the lashes has glue but didn't mind it since I thought it was just like the other pair with a tiny glue on it.

But it was like a landslide of glue on my lashes! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Totally messed up lashes! I was crying while holding the lash. I knew it will be a disaster once I put it on. I tried wiping them with a makeup remover but it didn't work. .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・. My cosmetic scissors was lost so I can't cut the glue out of it. School scissors is just too big for the lashes; I might cut the lashes instead of the glue. Hahaha

Enough with the drama: 

That strand facing downwards. Urgh. Estuped glue. o(-`д´- 。)
Its curls is comparable to those people who are blessed with a curled lash. Super natural looking! Not overstated compared to other falsies.
A lot of hair! Volume volume volume!
This is a volume lash indeed! Cannot disagree with this!

The hair strands are also in different length making it a lot more natural than other fake lashes.

Etude House Baby Volume Clear Line VS. Etude House Natural Lash Clear Line

When worn:

Curled my lashes with the falsies
The glue is really showing up in pictures and makes the falsies heavier. This would have totally looked great if this glue on the lashes didn't have to make a scene. 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。
Do you have any suggestions how I can remove this glue? Someone help me.
And oh, I'm making my ratings' all over score to ten stating from now.



  1. love it! It looks so natural on you. :) might consider getting this too. Thank you for the review :)

  2. wow. their packaging looks great. tho, im not into false lashes that much. ^^
    followed you back..

  3. Looks very good.^^
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  4. I like these lashes! They are really good for P128! Will include this on my wish list! :)

    - Clai

  5. Yes! EH has one of the cutest packaging ever! :)
    Awwwwe, thanks! :*

  6. Yes, it is! :)
    My only problem is the glue that messed up my lashes. D:

  7. Cool! I'll definitely give this a try the next time I'm in Etude house, I always hesitate to buy their lashes because of the price.. I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you could follow back :D I'm also a Filipina blogger, and guess what! I'm from Cebu too..

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  15. Awww, thank you! :) Will be visiting your blog as well! :)

  16. nice pictures! I think EH lashes are quite durable since my friend uses them kaso its too expensive for me >.< for 1 pair its 128php ??! pero I think worth it naman since you won't have to reapply eyeliner to hide the band :)

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  19. I'm already a follower! :) :*

  20. Yes, I find it expensive too since I'm a student and buy things from my allowance. Heee :D But it's really worth the buy. :)

  21. love everything here :)

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    So pretty! love the lashes!

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  23. They look gorgeous on you, I can tell by the form! Just a shame with the glue :-/
    Did you find a solution to it? :-) I am thinking maybe you can try to dissolve it? I know this sounds a bit odd, but acetone usually takes off glue and then wash it thoroughly before using it?

    - Sally

  24. Thanks for the tip! Thank you very much!! :* :*

  25. Etude House has the cutest stuff! the lashes looks amazing on you :)

    i love reading your posts! <3

    would you like us to follow each other?

  26. they look so pretty! i'm waiting for mine that i ordered to come in ^^
    i'm a new follower btw, helloo ~ ! looking forward to your future posts!

  27. The glue is showing na on the photos. But I love how you're able to apply them, your eyes got bigger and suits you. Parang natural lang, maybe because of your complexion na rin. Pretty! :)

    ~ Sweetstrings

  28. I knnooowww ;(( It broke my heart. :(( I would prolly get another pair and hope there's no "landslide" going on.

  29. Post photos on your blog of you wearing the lashes if you can. :)
    Thanks for following! :*


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