Monday, October 29, 2012

Etude House Lip and Eye (makeup) Remover

Right: Old EH Lip and Eye Remover                Left: New EH Lip and Eye Remover
I would like to share my love for this product from Etude House which is the Lip and Eye Remover. I know, the product name is scary! Who would want their eyes and lips to be removed? Anyhoo, this is my 4th bottle of this makeup remover. Obviously, I love this product so much! I visited Etude House a month ago to grab another bottle of this and I was surprised by the color and the print on the bottle has changed a bit, as you can see on the above photo.

Price: P198.00
Place bought: Etude House Boutique (SM City Cebu)
Product content: 100ml

Just like the Etude House Dear Darling Tint (review here), EH also changed their makeup remover packaging and so is the appearance of the product.
It now has the list of ingredients!

Product Description:
100ml Alcohol-free, Ph balanced remover preserves sensitive areas around the eyes and lips during makeup removal. With Pansy and Iris extracts. (From their website)

I think this is one of those oil based makeup removers. The appearance of the product looks like L'oreal's and Maybelline's...the blue liquid on top of the white. Though the new EH Lip and Eye Remover has the blue liquid underneath the white.

Though they have changed the product a bit, even the color (from blue to blue green), the effectiveness is still the same! *clap clap*

Let us see what has changed: 

Logo no more

It works really well! Gets rid of the eye makeup with two swipes.
What I usually do is take a cotton pad and damp it with the EH lip and eye remover. Put it on the desired area and let it sit there for a couple of seconds. I'm letting the product "break" the makeup so I don't have to keep on rubbing, especially in the eye area cause it's very delicate. For the eyeliner that's on the lash line your cotton swabs come in handy for this area.

The above makeup is a teaser for my next fake lash review. So keep posted, brats! 
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  1. the first time I heard the name of this product I was like: What? seriously? ahahaha. nice review and I really love your photos!!!

  2. LOL lip and eye remover! well that sounds like a blast XD

    I am currently using a oil which removes so well! It's Speedy Cleansing Oil from Softymo ^.^ you should try that one.

    - Sally

  3. i really need to check out Etude House's products! this sounds like a great one! :]

  4. I know! Hahahaha
    I hope I can find one here in my place. :) Thanks for sharing! :*

  5. Same here! Hahahahahaha Awww, thanks! :)

  6. I like the new look! Does it come in a plastic or glass bottle?

  7. ohh this seems like a goood makeup remover! i neeed a cheaper alternative than my lancome bi facial :(

    followed you xoxo

  8. Lancome is waaayyy expensive compared to Etude House.
    Thank you! :*

  9. i like this product too, works great :) the lashes look natural, waiting for review ;)

  10. looks working great (= !

  11. I'm using etude house make up remover too ^^ it works so well :)

  12. Haha! "Lip and eye remover" indeed sounds scary! Great blog! Followed you! :)

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    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^

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  14. This must be really good, so many are using it hehe I should join in :D
    now following your blog! i hope you stop by mine~
    :) -Jill

  15. wow! amazing post!

  16. Because of this, I'm convinced to buy my EH falsies. hihi.

    ~ Sweetstrings


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