Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Etude House Natural Lash Clear Line

Price: P128.00
Place bought: Etude House Boutique
Product Content: 1 pair of falsies and glue

Product description:


All in Korean. I cannot read. (;一_一)

Shopping 101: Keep an eye if product is still perfectly sealed.

My verdict:
This is my first splurge on eyelashes. Usually, I just buy those P10.00/pair or anything that's below P100.00 which is already a set of fake eyelashes downtown since I only use fake lashes during special occasions. This Etude House lashes is way beyond amazing compared to my usual fake lashes. 

They are really thin!
This is also not like any other lashes with a typical hair shape. (Urgh. I suck at describing things. What's the technical term?)
Googled image
I meant like the ones above. They go downwards/straight/whatever like your own lashes. Those are the typical lashes I see at department stores and downtown which are sold at a very low price.

Make a wish! It's a wishbone! (*^。^*)

This is also my first time to use a lash with a clear band. I don't have any problems with either the clear or non-clear bands. I think the only advantage of clear bands is they can appear more natural than the non-clear bands. This pair is also as light as a feather. It's like not wearing any fake lashes at all! Maybe because of the band? Since the band is really flexible. 

The package also comes with a lash glue which is really tiny and has a wand. Other lash glues like the famous DUO lash adhesive comes in a squeeze tubes. I like this one since you can control the amount of glue you put on the lashes.

How natural looking is it?
Close up shots
Looks like I just won a million dollars worth of shopping bags underneath my eyes.  (-_-;)
See? It's really natural looking! (^◇^)It's like having eyelash extensions. Hahahaha I did tightline my eyes here to add volume.




  1. I love it! It looks so natural!! :)

    Followed your blog little brat!! <3

    The Misty Mom

  2. Nice blog, Nice lashes looks soo natural.

    new follower here,

    please do check my blog I'm having a giveaway right now you can win MAC, MakeUp Forever, Body shop and many more

  3. pretty and natural lookin falsies =) new follower here =) I hope you can follow back. More power to your blog. =)

  4. looks very natural.. nice review ^^

    ur new follower ^^

  5. Love this post dear!! :) Great buy!


  6. I just realized Etude House lashes are really great!! Thanks for the review!

    - Clai

  7. Sis I like your reviews! Specially kasi about Etude house. Haven't tried anything from this line pero naconvince ako na bumili nitong falsies. Super ikli din ng eyelashes ko, sawi! hehe Love your review grabe!

  8. I hazz super ikli lashes too! Parang hindi na existent ang lashes ko! Hahaha
    Thanks for reading! :*

  9. Very natural. And I love how detailed your shots are. I could see how intricate the detail of each strand is.

    ~ Sweetstrings


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