Thursday, October 25, 2012

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

Price: P298.00
Place bought: Etude House Boutique (SM City Cebu)
Product content: Not stated
Shade: 02

Sealed tightly
Product description (?)
Comparison between the new and old Dear Darling Tint
Yes, they released a new version of the Dear Darling Tint. I have a review of the old one here. There is really not much of a difference between the two. Just the ones in the photos below.


First of all, there's also a difference with the price. The old one was sold for P198.00 only. The new one costs P298.00. Also, with the taste, yes, I tasted it...duh! The new one is a lot yummier. (^v^)
Left: New  Right: Old
Left: Old                                                                                                 Right: New
Left: New                                                                    Right: Old            
Still in a doe-foot applicator


There maybe changes with the packaging, with the shape of the applicator, and even with the price! But the color it gives off is still the same.

Regarding with the staying power, pretty much the same with the old one. Since it's a tint, it stays on pretty well even after drinking from a glass.

I was just curious on why they added a hundred pesos in the price. It still works the same as the old one.



  1. nice review. I have never tried tints before, now I'm wondering

    btw, Mac Marilyn Monroe Collection will be released this saturday at 2PM sa Rustans. Hope you can drop by ^_^

    1. Ohmy. Hahaha You should def try one.

      Awww, too bad I have duty on that day. :((((

  2. nice one! hmm maybe the packaging is much girlier and bigger??? anyway most of the new product releases nowadays are getting pricier

    1. But why??? D: I'm glad their lip and eye (makeup) remover is still on the same price as the old one. They've changed it too!

    2. hmmm maybe because they are popular now and also the increasing demands worldwide? not sure but I noticed that the price of other korean brands are increasing too. oh no our wallet will get thinner

    3. But the faceshop is dropping their prices. Other korean brands should follow! Especially skin food!

  3. This is one of my most favorite tints! It def. leaves your lips so pretty and "bitten"<3

    By the way, super cute blog!


  4. Just discovered your blog! Love it :)

    Follow back if you want!

  5. I have this one! and I loooooooove it.. I just do become slightly confused with how my eyeshadow should look like :D what colors etc.

    Also new follower! Hope you can check back (;

    - Sally ^-^

  6. aw i like the old one much better, much affordable and cute cap ♥
    maybe etude prices are going up because they r in demand right now hmmm~ thats bad :<


    1. I like the old one better because of the price. Hahaha
      Maybe. :\ Urgh!

  7. I haven't tried this tint yet. I'm thinking of getting one rn because I'm in love with lip tints. *o*

  8. I could see how much you love EH. Who wouldn't anyway? Other than cute packaging, they're good ones as well.

    ~ Sweetstrings

  9. I love EH! Aside from its packaging, EH is very affordable too!

  10. You should! :> You can also use this a blush! It's like 2 in 1! :)

  11. I like tints! I haven't tried this one yet, but I bought one for my friend when I was in the Philippines because she loves tints. I saw her use it, and I am sooo gonna buy pagbalik ko ulit ng Pinas hehehe!


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