Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

This is my first ever lip tint so I am really excited upon purchasing this. I even got two of which but in different color.

The Product:
 So obviously, from the title, this is from Etude House. I got this for only P198!
It's a gel type tint unlike some which are super liquid-y.

The applicator:

Doe-foot applicator. I know that bacteria gets into it "faster" than any other applicators but as long as you don't share it, there's really nothing to worry about it.

The swatch:
(L-R 2, and 3)
There are three shades from this dear darling tint line. Labeled as 1, 2, and 3. I didn't get the shade number 1...obviously, which is pink, since pink shades just makes my lips look, uhh, fuller. HAHAHA. Fuller in a sense that it makes it really round. urgh. (see this post) I just hate it.
Shade number 2 is in deep red and shade number 3 is in tangerine.
Formula makes my lips dry. aaww :( but the I don't care. I still wear them since the colors are just so nice on my lips.  HAHAHAHA



  1. oh wow! i love the shades! I am so in to tints cause I'm always in a hurry and tints prove to be my on the go make up! thank you for the review <3

  2. Interesting product...
    -Robots in Trouble

  3. Thanks so much for this review! I'm an avid user of tint, in fact I like tint more than blushers at times, only because it stays on longer, no need for re-application. I'll be keeping this product in mind! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  4. @ Saving Capulet & Mar: Yes, I agree! Tints are girls who are in a hurry and to those girls who have no time re-applying lip products :) I'll be trying more tints from different brands soon. any suggestions? :)

    @Robots in Trouble: try it! maybe you'll like it :) (lol. i sound like a promoter or something.)

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  6. I'm really having 2nd thoughts on the shades they have for this product but thanks so much for this review, i know what to buy now next time I drop by Etude house, I also love Korean Cosmetics!

    my sophisticated swag

  7. I was thinking of getting these during the Etude House sales a few months ago. Now I hate myself for not getting it...LOL

  8. Thanks for the review! The 2d shade looks very pretty. x

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  10. been eye-ing that tint,looks nice. i might buy one. ^_^


  11. @fashionedbylove: thanks for reading! :) :*

    @thehiddenfairy: aawwee. thank you! :)

    @ELLE: it's really nice. :) thanks for reading!

  12. wow i always love etude its beautiful and reasonable price

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  13. Omg. Love this and it's super affordable pa. Btw, I made a new blog hope you can check it out! :)


  14. I remember bench tint why back in college. There,s no brush like this. Thanks for the review sis.


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