Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday look

 Inner thirds of my eyes, Etude House single eyeshadow in BR301
Middle thirds, gold eyeshadow from Dollface Cosmetics 78 Color Palette.
Outer thirds, matte brown form Dollface Cosmetics 78 Color Palette.
With a nude colored lips.
I tried matching it with red lips. It comes pretty good.


  1. awesome makeup look! :)followed your blog. :)



  2. you look really lovely here. and oh, are you using GEO contact lenses in black? your eyes are wonderful! ;)

    what do you think if we follow each other?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, future respiratory therapist! (that sounds cool for a job, btw)

  3. Awwee. :"> Thanks! But no, I'm not using any contact lenses here. I don't own one neither. HAHAHAHA.

    Sure sure! Lezz follow each other! :D

    Hahahaha. Soon soon. I hope I would be a professional RT. :>

  4. when you're a prof RT already, maybe we'll meet by chance in some a registered nurse =) so you're going to be one of my bossess in the future!

    thank you for following! followed you back ;)


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