Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Etude House Look At My Eyes

Photo from Etude House

The product:
Etude House's Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow! The product name speaks for itself!
Retails at P178.00.  A lovely heart shape embossed on it! This is oh so girly! Packaging is very durable. I've drop it couple of times. (Clumsy me. :\) Very cheap indeed for a good quality eyeshadow and for the packaging! *clap clap*

 The Shade:
 Pupple Berry PP03
I thought it's supposed to be Purple Berry. :D But as what they posted on their facebook page, it's Pupple Berry.

The swatch:
(In different lightings)
I dab my finger just once onto the product. As you can see from the photo above, it is really pigmented!  It's really a pretty deep...very deep purple. As what you see in Etude House's product shot of it, that's the real color of the product. It also has micro shimmers that lets light reflect to your eyes! Hence the product name...I guess. :D
It's not powdery or whatsoever. This eyeshadow is a must have. A great quality for a cheap price! (very redundant of me. Hahaha)

More product shots:


 Shades I recommend:
BR02 Brownies

GR02 Dark Pine

BL04 Indigo

BK01 Black Swan
It was love at first sight when I saw these shades but I was from school when I got my Pupple Berry so I'll be getting these shades if my pocket is ready. :)
All of their dark shades really gives a nice color pay-off. For their light shades, it's uhh, ok. :D

Here's look that I created using this:

A night look hence the lighting of the photos. A pretty lilac color in the inner third and Pupple Berry on the rest of my lids. I put a matte black shadow on top on the inner third to give a 3D effect...as what they say. And blended a medium brown color just above my crease to give depth into my eyes. Blending is key to this look. Then I put line my upper lash line with a gel liner and applied mascara on my top and bottom lashes.

I joined Etude House's Look at my Eyes [Christmas Edition] Contest:

Like Etude House's page first if you haven't!


  1. I should really learn how to put eyeshadow too! Thanks for this post :)

    Cute blog! Kissses! xxx


  2. @Sweethestia: Thank you! :*

    @Mara Feliz: Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Love this color! and the heart shapes make it fun to put make up on every morning!

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