Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Etude House Korean Ginseng Mask Sheet Review and a chit-chat life update sorts

~`^ Revitalizing and Nourishing ^`~

Much needed mask AFTER FINISHING MEDICINE YEAR ONE! Finally! It was one hell of a ride and a walk in a park...Jurassic park that is. I bought this right after our very last exam of the academic year!

The mask was ok. Nothing fancy at all. I just hated the way it was folded in. It was folded a million times in a very complicated pattern of folding. Why not just fold it into 4 or 6 regular how-I-fold-my-handkerchief? The smell has a bit of a nutty scent than of a ginger to me. It was way overpowering for me and I ended up sneezing the whole time the mask was on my face.


It did a good job moisturizing my face. There was no allergic reactions and even redness was negative. There were extra "cream" left on the packaging which I squeezed out and used it on my neck, hands, elbows and knees. To add, there was no brightening effect after use.
The next morning, my pimples were already dry! I never expected it to happen but it happened. If it's not because of this, I wouldn't have liked this mask.

*end of review*

I've recently posted on my tumblr about what has been happening in my life right now. If you want to read it, click here.

I am still not ok and I can truly say I haven't accepted what has happened and has been happening right now. To study Medicine is my ultimate dream (it has been since I was a kid!) and I had it but I have to let go of it.

About blogging, I would never stop ever ever. I may not be consistent but I always love to blog. I have been reading blogs since I was high school. Long before it was really really ~^ commercialized ^~.
I am posting this additional chit-chat on this review because I wanted to start new. No, I'm not leaving this blog but I wanted a new name for the blog. I have regular readers but I haven't reached that big of a number so maybe it's still early and ok for me to rename the blog. The main reason is because the recent blog name is way too long and I think people find it hard to remember. I am just assuming. Hahaha But seriously, I want to change the name but I'm keeping everything that has been posted here since the very start. I'd like to say it's another milestone for the blog and for me. And oh, that name I am planning on using is "callmeelle". Or do you have any suggestions? No, I won't be using my full name as a blog title.
Also, maybe I would be active again and in active I mean really active in posting! I have the right tech things and I don't have anything on my way now aside from my full-time work (well, I am still on OJT but hopefully after three months). I can blog in my free time. Blogging is something that relaxes me and never in my life felt a ton of pressure just for the sake of having something to blog about.

I am moving! Away from home to find a better place for me to  just think over things and to just breathe out the negative...loljk it's because of work. I'll be working as a respiratory therapist hopefully after my OJT for three months. I need prayers, you guys. I need this job so bad. Where am I moving? To manila! I'll be working and staying in QC area and hopefully to meet some of you guys there! (I'm still in Cebu while writing typing this) There are lots of available beauty products and anything and everything in Manila that is not in yet in Cebu so this is a major plus for the blog as well!

I think everything in my life is turning a whole 360 or at least 180 degrees. But I'm considering it as a good turn full of opportunities. I am still going back to Med school in the right time and with my own money when the right time comes. For now, that's all of it.


  1. I agree. I do hate when masks are folded so many times.


    the way to my Hart

  2. IKR? The mask is soaking wet and I have to unfold it a million times? There's like 0.0001% chance of not tearing the mask. T__T

  3. Hi Elle. I hope you're doing better now. I just read your post, and I know that what you're going through is tough, and no words can really console you if you don't let them go through. I know it sounds ridiculous, but maybe this happened for a reason -- you not continuing med. Maybe you were meant to be somewhere else for now. You can always go back, if you wish, don't ever let go of that hope.

    I wish the best for you and your family. Stay strong. :)

  4. Woah interesting! Dries out zits!

    As for your Medicine dream, never lose hope... Things come at the right time, and most of the time, when it comes, it comes with a GREAT BANG! I know you will do well and things are happening for a reason. I'm sure you'll blog in the future about how this has brought you to a more wonderful opportunity.

    Good luck!!! :D Just do what makes you happy for the mean time while waiting for greater things to come! :)

  5. that was interesting many thanks dear. ^^
    maybe you have pleasure to come by for me.

  6. I prefer the face masks at The Face Shop, I hope they have something similar, it would be great to use for breakout season...haha

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