Saturday, August 10, 2013

Change is good

I changed my hair color after two months of being officially unemployed. I graduated last April 2013 and I've been contemplating on what to do with my life now...really, it's not easy for me. So I needed a time off from all the thorough thinking and that I have to choose correctly and won't regret in the long run.

I've been dying my hair since year 2010 until 2011. Yes, just a year because one of our teacher, and who is also our chairwoman, doesn't like light colored hair. My 3rd year and internship is composed of just one haircut and an ombre hair that I got from growing out my hair. I didn't bother dying the ends of my hair black since I liked it that way. I don't wanna be too plain.

Internship was full of thoughts on how to complete requirements and something to totally change my hair. First, I wanted a pixie cut. But came November 2012 and I started gaining weight and my round face became rounder. Second, I wanted to an uber different hair color. Something that is a head turner. I wanted ashy purple and since then I've been day dreaming of having a hair colored into ashy purple, violet or something in between. Then graduation came and I was so excited to finally color my hair. But I didn't know which salon can achieve the color I want. I don't want my hair to be fried because I wanted to bleach my hair if ever I really  want to achieve the perfect ashy purple. Came 2NE1's Falling In Love MV and I was blown away by Dara's hair color! It the perfect head turner color I want! Light Blonde!

So here's my internship year hair color and cut.

Super duper long hair! Like really long that my mom gets annoyed with how long it is.

So last last last (whut? Hahaha) week, I finally decided to get the color I want. I was super ready and excited!

I get my cut first. Layers + side bangs.

Then I showed my stylist the exact color I want but he said we have to bleach all of my hair because my hair is super black and maybe the dye won't be that strong to achieve a light blonde color. So what we decided is to put the lightest shade they have without bleaching my hair.

First, they dyed all of my hair except the roots.

Minutes later, they put another batch of the dye and put all of it only on my roots.

And here's the result!

Home from the salon
I was kind of sad that I didn't achieve the light blonde color I wanted but they told me it would slowly become light after a few days.

Here are some photos taken last week on the same day.

Inside my room
The following photos are taken facing the sun light.

That's a lot of color coming from the shade I have right now. These are taken with my phone, no filters, and with only the sun as the source of light.

So, what do you think? Do you ladies---and guys, have same color as mine? What are your favorite hair colors? Do you prefer your hair done by the salon experts or just by yourself? :)


  1. The style frames your face really nicely and the shade is lovely :)


  2. iloveit! looks really really good on you. sayang lang the long hair :) ive never colored my hair. its been black for many many years and im a little bored of it. i want to do it sometime soon. probably in red :D

  3. Yes, very sayang! I even wanted a pixie cut but it'll make my face even rounder. Hahahaha
    Really? You should try. It won't hurt...unless your hair is really sensitive. Just give your hair a good shampoo and hair treatment(I love Dove's!) before coloring your hair. :)


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