Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: Etude House Color My Brows Review

My older post explains why I bought a brow gel that is uber light. Dark brows + light hair doesn't really mix well together. Even applying a very light brown powder can't make my brows look light and natural with the hair color I am sporting.

This has been in the market a very long time now and maybe many of you already have used this product. Does anyone here uses this? How was it? :) I planned to get James Cooper's brow gel but it was out of stock. Anyhoo, I got mine in the shade #2 at SM City Cebu Etude House boutique. It's the lightest shade they have. It is also available in shade #1, which is in brown.  I got this for only P348.00. Cheap ehh? Yes!

The product is inside a booklet form of packaging. With English directions at the back and ingredients inside.

Color My brow #2

Unlike other brow gels, its packaging is in plastic and opaque. No, you can't see the remaining product and it sucks. But those transparent one, the product dries and you end up not seeing the product also. Rig

Color My Brows wand
I don't hate the want but I want it a bit smaller, like benefit's. Though the slim tip is great for the inner corners of the brows and tiny hair on the outer part.

Unblended and Blended swatch
It's really light and is suits light colored hair so much. It also has micro glitters that makes it really light after it dries and sets. I know it can't be seen in this photo but it does have micro glitters, ok?

  • Doesn't clump. Not sticky at all.
  • Not heavy
  • Cheap
  • Excessive application may lead to orange brows.
Marionnaud slanted + spooly brush, IN2IT brow powder, EH Color My Brow

I am gonna show you, how do my brows with these products.

Bare eyebrows
Defined my brows by using IN2IT's brow powder with Marrionnaud's brush.
After I just apply directly the brow gel on my brows. Gently tinting every hair, but not pushing the brow gel wand on to the skin.

Before and After
Before and After
Light brows for my light brown hair. It suits really well and looks so natural. I really don't like the super drawn brows except on photoshoots because you got to have defined brows. Because natural looking brows results to...see the photo above? Yup. But it is perfect if seen in person.

I am a satisfied consumer. It compliments my hair color and look so natural. But you have to practice using this because it requires a light hand upon applying to avoid orange brows---if you have an orange hair, then this is also for you! I recommend this to people who has light hair and orange hair.



  1. gotta say i rly like your hair color and highlights :) thanks for sharing review on this. its not something that i would wear tho. i feel like i wont be able to apply it properly and it can be a bit messy for me ^^

  2. first time hearing about this product!! great pictures too!! ♥

  3. yeah i like how it looked natural on you! :D

  4. Awwwweeee :> Thanks!
    Yes yes, brow gels really needs practice in application for nice finish...though this one doesn't clump. You should try one soon. :)

  5. Oh my dear, I really want buy this product so many thanks for your review because is very helpful. xx

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  6. It looks brown on your eyebrow, I thought it's gonna be ash blonde, judging from the packaging. Thank you for your review ^^

  7. I have this in #1 which I find too dark for me when applied. Will try #2 soon, thanks for sharing! :)

  8. But it does says light brown on the packaging. :)

  9. was wondering if it works like a regular gel.. like are you able to comb the hairs and make them stay in place?

  10. If it is still damp, yes! :)

  11. Does it fade? How long does it last? And is it waterproof? :)

  12. It lasts the whole day on me. I really can't say it's waterproof.

  13. I've recently bought this brow mascara however i find that it always smudges on my eyebrows, it doesn't seem to happen to you though! In fact it makes your eyebrows look so amazing! Maybe it's just not the product for me hehe!


  14. Maybe a light hand would do the trick? I always make sure to put it only on the eyebrow (hair only), never would the brush touch the skin underneath. :)

  15. Looks great on you! Perfect match for your hair. Love those brows!

  16. Thank you, Eula! I love your brows too! Thinking of growing them back, like yours! :)

  17. This is actually one of my fave products from EH. :D

  18. I've always wanted to try this, hehe. But I think my skin tone only matches black brows, hahaha.

    Light brown brows look VERY NICE on you!
    Thank you for the review!

  19. Have you tried changing your hair color? :) It really depends. I now have dark brown hair and I am gravitating towards dark brown brows nowadays. Orange-y brows looks weird on me right now. Hahaha

  20. One of my favorite too! But it's really hard to keep my hands on this one. This is always sold out in my place -___-

  21. ahaha I totally understand you when you say it need a light hand to apply it XD
    mind checking my review on it please? +join my giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

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  22. Yeah, I used to change up my hair color all the time. After years of chaos, I think I like my natural hair color on myself, haha.


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