Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Makeup of the Day: Olivia

 Mehehehe. Just because my eye makeup is in olive green, hence, Olivia. And, Oh, a tiny zit on my nose wants to say hi to my lovely readers! Interested on the products I used?


Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover

IN2IT Brow Powder
Dollface Cosmetics Kaleidoscope Pallete
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara


Pictures below doesn't have any mascara on my lashes. I totally forgot to put on some and realized after viewing the photos from the lcd of my camera. Sssooooo fail.And I was sweating while taking pictures! Philippines is super duper humid.


  1. wow the olive green shade is super pretty! really complements your skin tone I think :)

  2. Your eye makeup is really pretty! I've never been daring enough to wear green on my eyes, but this looks lovely :)

  3. It's fun to have some colors once in awhile. :)

  4. Love it sophisticated and the colors blend well, i cant blend well :)) Thank you for joining my Giveaway and visiting my blog, i really appreciate it <3 p.s.- love ko un lip color hehe

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  5. wow elle these are nice pictures! ang ganda ng quality and usually if its this high in quality kita ang imperfections ng make up and yours is applied nicely, u look very pretty :)

  6. This is so beautiful! I love your make up



  7. Thank you! :) This was the day that I can truly say blending brushes are important! It totally helps in polishing the makeup.

    Sadly, I don't use contact lenses. My eyes are too sensitive. :(((

  8. Kitang kita yung imperfections ng mukha ko. Hahahaha Thank you, Shayne! :*

  9. I never tried green eyeshadow on my eyes...reminds me of nature..guess you give me an idea..can i ask, is the olive green wearable for daylight or night? just new on blogging...

  10. I think any color would be wearable in daytime. It's the intensity of the color, I guess, that makes the difference. Maybe you can skip the black eyeliner and use brown shadow instead of black or gray for smokiness.
    Disclaimer: I am no expert, I've never been to school about cosmetics.

  11. Oh! I love this look! :) Gave me an idea! I should use my green and yellow shades more! :)

  12. wowww, the colors are so beautiful! I love the simplicity as well!


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