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Beauty Cosmetics Holiday Collection in Dainty | Travel Kit &&& Blending brush

I know this is a very late post since this brush was out around November 2012 for the holiday collection of Beauty Cosmetics. I got this at November 2012 also but haven't managed to take photos for a review since I was very busy that time for my internship in Manila.
Okaayyy, enough with my excuses. 

Don't mind my full name there. Hahahaha My mom has this habit but I don't mind. So this is Beauty Cosmetics' Holiday Collection in Dainty and the blending brush. This is a travel kit so its brushes are short handled. This is also available in Rosey (pink) and Classy(baby blue). The price? Only P1000.00/set and the blending brush is only for P100.00. They also have a kit of mixed synthetic and natural hair brushes which is in Scarlet (yellow)---I'm really not sure if it's yellow. It's kinda light brown kinda close to eco tools' brush. (Color deficient lang ang peg? Hahahaha) Though Scarlet's price is P1150.00.

First Impressions


• No need to fret if you spill your favorite drink since the packaging is kinda water resistant. You just have to wipe off the spilled drink and you're good to go.

• Looks and feels really soft on the hands. Not that dense but good enough. Handles are also kinda small since they are for travel.
• They are also individually packed in plastic for a dust-free brush.
• The big three brushes also comes with a plastic brush guard.

Eyeliner Brush, Lip brush, Angled Liner Brush, Eyeshader brush,  Round Shader Brush, Shader brush,  Wide Shader brush
Eyeliner Brush

The angled ferrule is a great help for applying precise lines. I also sometimes use this brush for lining my lips since this is really really thin.

Lip Brush

This is really stiff. Helps you draw the perfect duck pout lips.

Angled Liner Brush

Eyeshader Brush

Round Shader Brush

Many use this for blending and putting shadow on their crease. I like using this for applying and buffing concealer under the eyes.

Shader Brush

Wide Shader Brush

Blending Brush

All of the brushes in the kit are covered with plastic just like the blending brush.

Face Brushes
Flat Top Brush, Powder Brush, Angled Face Brush, Flat Foundation Brush, Flat Concealer Brush
All of the face brushes has plastic covers as well. But these three brushes also comes with brush guards
Flat Top Brush

This really does the job even if it's really not that dense. Though I wasn't expecting it to be since it's just for travel. Really soft not just on the hands but on the face too. This is good for liquid foundation 'cause it won't suck up a lot of products compared to natural hair brushes. Buffs foundation satisfactorily.

Powder Brush

Good for applying powder all over the face in just seconds since this is kinda large.

Angled Face Brush

For applying blush and bronzer. Makes contouring easy 'cause of its shape.

Flat Foundation Brush

Flat Concealer Brush

There goes all the 12 brushes and the blending brush. All over, they are really soft and there's absence of fall outs so far. Some of the brushes doesn't have "descriptions" since I use them as what they are used for. They all work satisfactorily. All love love love for these brushes!

This post is intended for this product review so you shouldn't expect a super detailed one about brushes. If you want a post talking about makeup brushes and its function, I can do that for you. 
Ok ok?



  1. I really like the reviews on this brand and your photos justify it even more :) Thanks for the individual close-up photos, super helpful!

  2. i bought a brush set that looks very similar to this by Charm. im not sure if they are the same brand maybe? thanks for sharing this detailed review. great pics :)

  3. Hi Shari!! *fan girl-ing* Hahaha

    Thank you! :* I'm really trying to deliver a clean product photo of all my posts here. :)

  4. Yes yes yes. There are a lot of makeup brushes available locally that looks like the same to one another. Maybe the same manufacturer? I really don't know. Hahahaha
    Thank you for reading, Shayne! :*

  5. Hi Elle, I was at Cebu Doc with hubby for my Pre-natal checkup and also a visit to my Endocrinologist. You should have said hi when you saw me... hehehe.

    BTW, your Beauty Cosmetics Brush set is really nice, I've seen their products on facebook and from other beauty bloggers. I thinks it's way more affordable compared to Charm Brushes. I'm not sure though if the bristles are comparable to Charm. I have a few Charm brushes which I bought at the Dolled Up makeup Studio here in Cebu.

  6. Ermahgerd. Hahahahahahaha. Na star struck ko kadyot godd. :))) Tapos, I was eating at that time. :((

    I just saw BC's post on FB that they have an authorized seller here in Cebu! :) Stylistas Cebu is now selling their brushes.
    I wanted to get my hands on Charm brushes so I can compare them! And if I can get myself a decent job, I'd get the Sigma brushes as well! :D

  7. that is such a cute and comprehensive makeup brush case! it's got everything :)

  8. hahaha star struck jud! mauwaw man pud ta ana...LOL
    I have another set of Sigma Travel Kit brushes coming. hehehe ^_^ excited nko!

    BTW, just visit Dolled Up Studio they're selling a lot of stuff, not just Dollface products. I'm sure you'll be tempted.

    mao ni ila FB page.
    and ang nice pud sa Charm is they also sell brushes individually, so you get to buy what you really need/want ^_^

  9. Great review on the product. Not everyone covers stuff like you did on the post!! Love it.

  10. Yes yes, it has everything you need. :)
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog! I love AAAALLLL your outfit posts! :> :>

  11. I've seen people use that kind of eyeliner brush. It's kinda similar to those bended mascara wands.

  12. Really? /waiting for a blog post Hahaha

    Every time na mo agi kos Eden bldg. thru jeep, ma suya jodd ko. But I don't wanna go inside kay I'm gonna give all of my money to them njodd. Hahahaha

  13. What a beautiful brush kit, love the case with the purple lining.

  14. Lovely brush collection! :o

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