Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cover Girl's lipstick in 035 smokey rose

This was actually a gift that I got on my 18th birthday. I was never a fan of pink lipsticks but what my friend knows is that I’m a lipstick addict. (so maybe she doesn’t care about the color HAHAHA)So I tried this, I assumed that the color won’t fit me but I was wrong, just yesterday and was surprised.
 See that clear cap? It's pretty useless after opening it from the packaging. The lipstick was put in like ELF's packaging so they used that clear cap to show the color.

 SWATCH: under fluorescent lighting and outdoor lighting, respectively.

No concealer or lip balm under it. If I would have to describe the color, it's a frosty pink. You don't have to put a lip gloss anymore. Otherwise, if you want your lips to be really really glossy then you may dab a little gloss. This color makes lips look full, well I'm blessed with full lips but this makes it much fuller! I believe this color would fit to many other skin tones.
I can't give any details about where to purchase and how much the product is since it's a given to me as a gift. Google is my friend and he would be glad to help you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I went to SM City Cebu with my family and yes I ended up buying something. -___- oh well!
Glamworks' Nose Pore Strips from Watsons for P89.
Sun Glasses from sidewalk! P50.
Blush Magazine. I've once read an article about this magazine and I was fascinated because the contents are all about beauty stuffs. I purchased this at booksale for P140. I have already got a favorite page!

It talks about how to curl your hair! (I'm such a loser about curling. -__-) Purchase one now to get a copy. (lol I sounded like promoting this or something. HAHAHA)
That's all for now. Good night! :) :*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lipgloss Craze

I just purchased my first ever lipgloss in my college life. I first saw this lipgloss from Miss Noe of COLORismyweapon. She also used this on me when she did my makeup for my debut and I loved them! I was seduced by the scent of this so I went out this morning to purchase this.
I purchased them from Metro. They're sold for P19.75 each. I wanted to buy all the colors but I can't use them all so I decided to get two. :D
A review will be coming soon. :)
Images by Freepik