Sunday, November 24, 2013

Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover

Hello hello hello my beautiful readers! This is one of my "first" product of my life. (Did I say it correctly? Hahahaha) This is my first ever powder I own in my entire life that won't give me pimples here and there. My skin really loves this so much I can't just let go of this. I started using this last year because of internship. You have to look neat and presentable to your patients, you know. I've tried a lot of products back in highschool and all of them just gave me pimples and some rashes here and there. My skin was really sensitive back then compared today. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

When in Manila

I AM BACK ONCE AGAIN! MEHEHE The storm Yolanda will be in any minute now in Cebu.

I was in Manila for five days just because.

The main reason why I flew to Manila...NO! I flew to Manila because I took a leap of faith in taking the first board examination for Respiratory Therapy. THE REASON WHY I AM MIA AGAIN! Because I have to study for the examination. You all probably know(if you are following my tumblr) that I passed the examination. Horay! Thank God for all the blessings! Anyhoo, Tricia G.'s stylebook isn't available in National Bookstores in Ubec(SM and Ayala) so I promised myself to find and have a copy of this when in Manila. Soooo yeah.

When in Manila...go to divisoria. They always have all of the stuff in the world(exajjj) in its lowest price possible! Just be sure to pick a good quality one..if there is any. Just like these casings.

Maaannn, iPhone cases in Ubec costs P350 and above! That silicon rose embossed casing costs P480 here in Cebu! Geeeeez. Damn bitches, I got mine for only P150 each in Divi!

Purses like this one were sold in Cebu a long time ago. Mine was stolen so I have to get another one. I like this because it has two compartments.

The magic doesn't stop there. Cards(ATM, SB and etc.) can also fit in perfectly in this purse. Kaya, bili na mga suki! Hahaha

Planned to get a little bag too. This can also pass as a purse because it's really small. A nice everyday bag when you're only bringing your wallet, phone and list of things-to-buy. Only P150.00 guyzzzzz.


And this lovely pair! I didn't know this can be dismantled until I got back in Ubec. 

You can totally mix and match this thingy in your other pairs o earrings. Totally genius. I "insert" this at the back of my ear lobule. I'll show you in my next makeup of the day post.

The next item is something I regret not buying during my internship days in Manila. Though I got this in the streets of Binondo not in Divi.

A camo card holder for *drum roll* P50.00! Mehehe With all the membership cards I got, I totally need this one.

This ends my little haul. Once again, thank you for reading and may God Bless us all!
Images by Freepik