Sunday, November 24, 2013

Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover

Hello hello hello my beautiful readers! This is one of my "first" product of my life. (Did I say it correctly? Hahahaha) This is my first ever powder I own in my entire life that won't give me pimples here and there. My skin really loves this so much I can't just let go of this. I started using this last year because of internship. You have to look neat and presentable to your patients, you know. I've tried a lot of products back in highschool and all of them just gave me pimples and some rashes here and there. My skin was really sensitive back then compared today. 

Today's featured shade is not just what I newly bought but also my previous powder shade. To add, this is a powder foundation. Today, I got it in the shade OC20. I've been using the shade OC10 but sometimes, it is just too light when my skin goes a little darker than usual...from the beach or when I'm outside walking under the sun for almost half the day.

As you can see, the back portion is all written in Japanese and I can't read a single word! Except for the "SPF 18 PA +" And the powder only cost me P895.00.

This beautiful and elegant case is sold separately for P450.00 only. It is now also available in a pinkish toned case.

Here is my old powder foundation in the shade OC10 and applicator. 
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover in OC 20
OC10 and OC20, respectively.
I don't know why OC10 apperas darker than OC20, not just in photos. Maybe because my OC10 is already old and has been mixed with dirt and other significant causes?

My bare face without anything on. See the redness between my nose and lips? And that shiny forehead. And large pores. And everything elese. 

As you can see, OC10 is a bit in the yellow side compared to OC20. OC10 is obviously lighter than OC20.  I consider OC10 really blends well at the center of my face and cheeks than OC20--- in person.

But OC20 blends perfectly on my forehead and the lateral parts of my face.

See? OC10 looks natural on me even in photos. Reduced redness, dark undereye circles and some dark spots I have. I have dark lips but, no, I don't smoke at all.

My whole face with OC10 MajoMajo Skin Remaker Pore Cover with just one base of the powder foundation. A patting motion using the sponge applicator would help you achieve a flawless and natural finish.

click photo to enlarge
Sorry I can't show my photos wearing OC20 in same camera setup and lighting and such. They were corrupted in someway. :( I don't know why. But I managed to take photos earlier this afternoon.


Overexposed pictures are overexposed. and these are actually snapshots from a video because taking "selfies" with a 50mm with no remote is harder than I thought it would be. (You don't need to know that, I know, but I am still typing it here anyway.)
Photos of me wearing OC10 is my pre-board exam face and these photos with OC20 is my post-board exam face. My eyebags have doubled since then. I am not the type of person who burns the midnight candle away. My sleeping pattern in still the same from my normal night and study nights. Maybe my eyebags is the result of my over thinking of things and stressing my mind to have a passing mark in the board exam. But if eyebags are what I gain from passing the board exam, ahhhh, no regrets!
To pass the board exam > anything else. Anyhooooo.

Taken with iPhone 5 front camera

See? It isn't ghostly as it is on the photos above. And say hello to my matakaw brother.

  • Controls oil upto 5 hours
  • Light-medium coverage (this maybe a con for some of you)
  • Light weight
  • The packaging is vavavoom!
  • SPF 18 PA+
  • None that I can think of.
  • Maybe some of you wants full coverage powder foundation then this isn't for you.
Personal: This has been the powder I have been using since 2012. I choose the OC20 on me than the OC10. OC10 makes me a white lady upon first minutes of application-- even OC20, but OC20 has a "lesser" ghostly effect. The product sets on the skin well and the color will blend eventually. But if I have my days where I just want a quick fix and can't wait for it to "set".
I also use the sponge that comes with it since it gives a more flawless coverage than a brush in my opinion. Patting rather than wiping the product can conceal some of the blemishes and redness. This is also good for people who has sensitive skin since I am too and I didn't have any allergic reactions to this product...thank goodness! I can also say this also good for combination to dry skin. For oily individuals, better pack up a blotting paper.



  1. Hi Elle, The packaging alone makes me want to try this one! Great pictures.

  2. ohhh, after reading this post makes me want to try this too.... i haven try anything from mm yet and finally this will be the first product ill try from this brand...thanks for sharing ;)

  3. I'm a big fan of the Za powder (which I think I similar to this MM one) and I've just hit pan on the Za one. I may switch to this MM one because the packaging's way more pretty. XD

  4. Wow! It made a huge difference. I salute you for being so brave in posting a picture sans makeup. I haven't tried any Majolica Majorca product yet but I think I want to try this. :)

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    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. Za just opened here in Cebu! Maybe I'll try one of their products soon. Good to know someone likes Za. I haven't done any research about the brand yet.
    They now have a rose gold color for their packaging. <3

  6. I go out of the house 80% without anything on. Hahaha It's no big deal for me. But on special events, I have to be presentable. :)
    Sure thing. I'll check it out! :*

  7. The packaging is just too pretty!! It makes me want to buy one!! Thanks for the review, i have been looking for a light coverage powder foundation/pre cover for a long time.

  8. I've seen this powder a lot when i go shopping at Sasa but have never tried Majolica Majorca before! I love the amount of coverage that it gives you and the packaging is really pretty, sucks how you have to buy the case and powder separately though!


  9. The packaging is also a plus point! It doesn't scratch or chip easily (I've never replaced my packaging since 2012 and now it's 2014!)

  10. Yeah, totally sucks but it is really really durable! I've had mine since 2012 and still no chip and has super mild scratch only. My mom has this too and dropped hers like three feet above the ground but it didn't break or damaged the packaging.


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