Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: Revlon Colorstay and Valentine's Day Makeup?

This is embarrassing but this is my first time to own a liquid foundation. I am already fine with my Majolica Majorca powder foundation but one event of my life-- oath taking for passing the board examination, calls for a liquid foundation, because I didn't hire a professional makeup artist that time because...I was in Manila and didn't know who to contact. I own a cream foundation from Ever Bilena because school activities during college. I can't compare a liquid to a cream foundation sooooo you get my point. Hahaha I am blabbering.

Let us move one to the swatch and I'll give you my thoughts about it after everything.

My face without face makeup.

Applied Revlon Colorstay in 250 Fresh Beige on the left side of my face using my clean fingers. As you can notice on the photo above, it is quite lighter around my forehead, or maybe my blending skills isn't that good? But as far I as can observe, my forehead is kinda of a shade darker than the rest of my face. Weird?

R-L: No foundation, applied only at the left side, full face covered with foundation (one coat)

Say hello to the sky reflecting on my forehead. Hahaha I have a shiny (oily and shiny are different) even after using an oil blotting paper. Thanks to my mom's genes.

I am not using a face primer in here to fully get what the foundation can give. I am left with a dewy face, which I love, and took care of some spots on my face. Though my dark circles are still visible (thank you national board examination). But I am happy with the result!

All of the above ~^*selfies*^~ are taken under daylight with completely the same camera settings in 18mm (Exposure, Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture)

Doubled up the foundation on my face resulting to this flawless skin, except for that 1 day old scar between my nose and lips.

R-L: Daylight exposure, Daylight + Camera's built-in flash

+ built-in flash (Hello forehead Hahahaha)

 The Revlon Colorstay foundation did gave me the coverage I wanted. I can say it is full coverage. Those scars you see on the close-up photo are "deep pit" scars that are hardly covered by any full coverage foundation 'cause they tend to create a shadow when exposed against the light, sadly.
It gives me a dewy finish (maybe because of my face's natural dewiness hashtag charot!) on me, which I am totally loving. Cream foundations gives me matte finish, making my face into a 2D picture.
Makes my skin really flawless in photos but kind of ghostly with flash because of the SPF(?).
For longevity, this is actually good. A good powder would also help the liquid foundation stay in place. I can say  7-9 hours and it is still good. Even when going out clubbing.
Oh yes, this is definitely lightweight even with double coats.

For the shade, I asked the sales assistant/MUA over the counter to decide what shade should I get. I kept on saying that this shade(250 fresh beige) is somewhat lighter for me but she insisted I should get this and didn't even bother trying a shade darker than fresh beige on me. Also, my friends said it's fine on my skin. Not light at all. What do you think, readers?

Place bought: Watsons
Price: 825.00php
Product Content: 30mL

And about the Valentine's Day makeup?

Products used:
Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation
 Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover (on the forehead only)
EverBilena lip pencil in Burgundy

Spending Valentine's Day with your girls in the morning or having lunch with them? I'd probably wear this look. Nothing fancy on the eyes. Just brown shadow and eyeliner(seen on the third to the last photo of this post). Curled lashes but skip the mascara. I wanted to focus on my lips. Red would definitely be right for Valentine's day unless you want pink which is totally fine. I want my lips to be the center of attention. I won't be kissing boys since I'm out with my girls having fun. *wink* So I don't need to worry about my lipstick smudging onto my man's lips. You can also contour your face for much definition of thy beautiful features. I'd skip blush 'cause I am really not a fan of blush. I have chipmunk cheeks so yeah. Hahaha

What look will you be sporting on Valentine's day? Leave your links on the comment box so I can check them out!


  1. the shade is okay (I agree with you though with the forehead part) and don't worry, I also don't own a foundation :P

  2. Thank God I am not alone. Hahaha I assume that we are just one of those girls who don't frequent events that requires us full face makeup on. :)

  3. true, besides I like to flaunt my natural beauty chos :P

  4. welcome back elle, I thought you stopped blogging already. ^_^
    this is a nice simple look. I usually skip eyeliner most of the time but not mascara. it makes a whole lot of difference on my eyes.

  5. I thought so too! Hahaha
    Oh, I see. Mascara's tend to smudge on me in the end of the day. :( Even if it's waterproof. :(

  6. You look so pretty! I like this foundation at first but it can get super cakey I had to stop using it :(

  7. Thank you! I've learned from Tati on Youtube that you can use a puff (the ones that come with a lot of pressed powders) to debuff cake-iness brought by the foundation. :)


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