Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Update? Update.

To start, I am kind of moving on with my MAC lipstick addiction and now transitioning to NYX. At least it's a lot cheaper but it's still an addiction. I am declaring that 2014 is my lipstick addiction phase.

What? Where have I been? Well, I'm still where I am but with an additional touch of MED SCHOOL. It just consumed all of my time and energy, but it really paid off during the 1st quarter. My 2nd quarter was really a roller coaster with a carousel and oh gawd put all the rides in the world in this sentence. In short, I was and am still busy with Med school but it's sem break now hence the update!

My free time since my last post is now dedicated to myself without anything bothering my mind. Oh wth, sleep is what I meant. Since school started, I only get to have 4hrs of sleep most of the time. And it's killing my skin, not just my skin, but my whole body. I didn't know I have to go through being sick just to help the sick. But I know it will all be worth the sleepless nights and stress.

Oh don't worry, I've arranged things to be posted here. What takes most of my time in blogging is taking pictures of the products. It takes a lot of time than writing something about it. I am not complaining at all. This is something I like and it never bothers me. I also like Med school, a lot, but I get frustrated easily so I get stressed a lot more.

How's life been to you? Feel free to tell me anything in the comments section. Update me as wekk


  1. Weaning myself off of MAC lipsticks too. I'd love to try more of NYX's mattes and a lot of other drugstore lipsticks. Hey! Do a post on what makeup you usually wear in med school.

  2. Love the photo and hurray for nyx!

  3. You should give NYX a try. They've got dark shades that when I saw them, "oh Rae" Hahahaha
    That's a great idea. :) Thank you!

  4. Thank you! Have you tried them already?

  5. Huhuhu med school. I actually planned going to law school but just can't handle the stress of it all. I understand the stress and the frustration but I now that it will all be worth it someday! :) And as for the lipsticks, I'm trying to stay away from MAC myself. Will be getting a few tubes from the NARS audacious line and the NARS pure matte lipstick line.

  6. THAT NARS AUDACAIOUS LINE IS JUST AKFJSHDJFHAKSDH! I want them all but for now I need to be mindful where my money is going.
    Whut whut? You should go to law school! Kill 'em with your dark lippies. Hahahaha *wink*

  7. not yet but i heard lots of good things about them

  8. ahaha have you tried bobbi brown lipsticks?!
    apparently theirs are also really nice! :D
    oh nooo!! don't over work yourself girl!! Rest is important! XD
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

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  9. I've always wanted to try them after NARS. Hahaha But for now, I might be ok with drugstore products. :)
    Yes, rest is important. Good thing it's sem break now!
    Oh, cool! *checking* :)


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