Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dollface Cosmetics 78color Palette

I have been wanting this palette since summer started and I was planning to buy it on the second week of June but when this picture below↓↓ was posted on their FB page I immediately decided to get it!
Instead of paying P850 I only paid P722.50 for it(duh, because it's in 15% off).

 I love the glittery name :D
It contains 72 eyeshadows/60 bright colored eyeshadows and 12 shadows that can be used for lining and highlight, and 6 blushes
  It also has a mirror and two sponge tip applicators.

 9 x 6.5 inch case (from their fb page)
The eyeshadows' size is like a 5cents coin.
The shadow for lining/highlight is 3/4 the size of a +AA battery.
The blush can be compared to a five peso coin.

You may be wondering what I am comparing here.
On the right side of the photo, which is my left eye, I didn't use a white base(Fashion21 White Eyeliner) while on the left side, which is my right eye, I used the white base. It may seem to appear that both has same opacity but in person, the color of the eyeshadows on my left eye is not that opaque. The photo is taken with a 10megapixel Camera so the colors can be captured really good.
I have a ↓↓photo↓↓(no pp except for the watermark. well, if you consider watermarks as a pp.) here taken with my webcam. You can really see what I am trying to say.
P.S. it's not that totally close-to-no-color (webcam is crappy so the color is like that) it's just lighter, uhh a shade or two, compared to my right eyelids.
Without any base, the colors don't come off that much. So you have to put a base for it to be as opaque as on my right eye.
But not all colors on the palette is like that(kinda transparent). Most of the satin shadows really give off an opaque color even without any base. YAY! As for some of the matte ones (except the blue, in any shade, matte shadows is really really opaque! YAY), a good base is needed.

Colors used:

And gold & cream (also from the palette but the photo was accidentally deleted. urgh)

No regrets. Just love. (I don't have to explain more.)


  1. dollface is as always love. yay for your palette!

    cute stars thingie haha:))

  2. Yes, always l o v e! I'm planning to buy their brush sometime this month! i hope i can get it!

    hahaha. it's from photoscape! :)

  3. @LBSfashion: thanks for reading! :) <3

  4. Where can I buy DollFace Cosmetics? I really want their palettes.

  5. The "FB page" words on the 1st paragraph will direct you to their page. you can check and order there. :)

  6. Thanks for the review... i am really looking for this!

  7. great review! i haven't tried dollface but i have read great reviews about them. :)

  8. Love the makeup pallet! :) Amazing blog! New follower here. I'll be glad if you could follow back!:)) Thanks! :)


  9. @sugar sugar: yes. they're really great for their price. :)

    @Nikki Abella: thanks so much for reading and following! :) I'll check your blog and eventually follow. :)))

  10. Just stumbled across your blog and thank God that i did! i like your blog! very inspirational and you have such great photos too! hope you can visit and follow mine as well. xo

  11. I've never heard of that brand before, maybe I'll try it
    cute blog! :) and your review was really good, you explained everything well!

    I'd love lovee if you could stop by my blog :)

  12. Great review hun! This looks like an amazing palette! Great blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


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  13. @itsNikki: thanks for dropping by! :) i followed your blog! great styling! :)

    @♥Elizabeth♥: you SHOULD try it. :)) (i sound so demanding)
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  14. I also love dollface!!!! :)



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