Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Etude House Mini Brow class | Drawing Guide (3rd class)

Price: P148.00
Place bought: Etude House SM City Cebu
Content: Three stencils

I am so sorry for the image quality.  Lighting isn't that good, hence the noise and all. I am still adjusting to my new camera now so please spare me. (OA lang)

Nowadays, every kolehiyala and some other highschool students now have drawn eyebrows. Not that it's bad but some just don't know how to do it. Good thing humans have created stencils for us to ~*`perfectly`*~ draw them eyebrows!

There are a lot of brands selling eyebrow stencils, it even comes with an eyebrow powder. But today's feature is all about Etude House's Mini brow class---drawing guide(3rd class). Their Mini brow class comes in 3 classes. The Shaping Guide, Cutting Scissors and the Drawing Guide.

Excuse the brown stains since I've been using them every time I do my brows

The stencils have dotted lines(left side of the photo right next to the ♥) to guide you on where your brows should be. Because some of us(admit it, ladies) draw their eyebrows either widely apart or close to each other.

Below are instructions on how to use the stencil

Of course, not everyone can read Hangul. So there's another instruction below written in English.

 I know it's too small and blurry to read. So here's another one for you to easily read how to use these stencils.

Here's an image from Etude House Philippines that you can clearly read and understand the use of the stencil.

Easy, right? You don't have to waste a lot of time just to achieve a clean and perfectly looking brows.
It's really lame that I can't teach you by myself on how to do your brows using these babies. But maybe I can do a separate post about my brow routine.

My thoughts:

This is a life saver, indeed! I don't have to worry about my brows not matching(Since I have a ~*`dent`*~ on the upper part of my right brow). I've never mastered how to do my brows perfectly and I get frustrated sometimes. Then stencils from different brands are popped into the market but they are kinda expensivo for me. I am only a student at that time(and will be. *Hopes for med school*) So when Etude released this, I dragged my mom to the boutique to sponsor me. Mehehe  

  • VERY AFFORDABLE. This is the cheapest stencil I've ever encountered.
  • Easy to use.
  • This can also serve as a shaping guide. Just draw an outline using a white eyeliner and shave off(or pluck or wax) the unwanted hair.
  • There are three shapes to choose from so it depends on what look you want to achieve!

Well, the shape of your brows doesn't always have to go with what look you want to sport. Most importantly, you have to study what brow shape would compliment your face shape. Your brows frames your whole face so don't ever neglect your brows. Even by just having a good brow shape and a complimenting lipstick shade can enhance your everyday look. Try it! It makes a big difference.

Things to remember:
  • The stencil is flimsy so you have to, not just hold, but press it against your brows so you won't mess up the shape.
  • Clean it when if it is soiled from the brow powder or pencil. You don't want to have anything dirty in your beauty kits. 


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  1. oooo I will check this out, hope they still have stocks left ^_^

  2. wow i never seen anything like that. It must be really helpful

    Lots of Love

  3. I went to Etude SM and Ayala and they said it's already out of stock. Do you know where can I buy eyebrow stencils?

  4. J centre Mall has an Etude Boutique too!
    ELF and a brand that's available in beauty bar has eyebrow stencils too! :)

  5. i want this! its affordable. i hope i could find it on etude house stores near our place.:)

  6. This is a great find. I can't draw my brows perfectly as well. This can save time also.

  7. Yes, really affordable! I hope you can! They sell out really fast here in Cebu.


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