Saturday, March 31, 2012

IN2IT waterproof eyeliner pen

↓↓ You can really skip this blabber ↓↓
Am I the most noob person when it comes to liquid eyeliners? One simple reason why I don't purchase them is because I don't know how to apply it. Those liquid liners that comes in bottles, like nail polish, I hate them so much. It was in the year 2010 that I discovered something great, yes, I'm talking about eyeliner pens! But I was convinced to work with gel liners for the rest of my life until I decided to buy this last Monday No, I'm not eyeing this product but there are just moments in my life that I just wanna spend in some random cosmetics I find at drugstores; and Monday was my lucky day! I found this! /evil laugh

Felt tip brush
with flash and without flash
A just did a little rub.

IN2IT says:
• Easy to apply and draw accurate eyelines.
     I couldn't agree more.
• Waterproof and long wearing.
    It is waterproof in a sense if you won't rub it. Long wearing? Hmm, it smudged at my crease after 6 hours of wearing it.
• Smudge resistant
     I beg to disagree with this! Even with just a tap, it smudges instantly.Smudge-free pencil liners are way better! 
• Quick drying.
     Yes, it is!
• Easy to remove.

     If rubbing won't hurt your eyes, yes, you can just remove this by rubbing.
• No need to sharpen.

    With the felt tip brush, DUH. Why do you have to sharpen it?

◘ What I love:
- Pretty cheap compared to other eyeliner pens. This cost me P399.75
- It's a nice eyeliner pen. It works for me pretty well for me. I don't have issues with the creasing 'cause it can be removed with a wet tissue but it'll be a hassle for some(Checking your eyes from time to time and wiping off the smudge? Yeah, there's a lot of work going on).
- It's really really really really(Ok, you get it) easy to use!
- It finishes as MATTE black. Oh yeah, just like gel liners! I hate those glossy liners, geez, I just can't even.

◘ What I hate:

♥♥♥ and a half ♥

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  1. Wow they have this na pala. Thanks for the review...


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