Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last taste of summer


 Today is my very last day of summer and I'll be saying hello to school by tomorrow---actually, it's hello hospital since I'll be starting tomorrow as an official intern! YAY! So here's a last minute summer look I created to somehow make me feel all summery---saving the last day every minute.

I barely have bottom lashes. See? /cries a river Do salons do lash extensions---bottom lash extensions? :D (Don't be absurd, Elle!)

How I did the look?
  1.   I applied a white eyeliner for base---it'll also make the color more vibrant. I used my Fashion21 White Eyeliner.
  2. Applied matte yellow eyeshadow(The very left side with the blushing cartoon) over my lids.
  3. Matte orange eyeshadow(Fourth column from the left. With the rage cartoon) on the outer third of my lids.
  4. Extended the orange eyeshadow to my bottom lash line; only on the outer corner.
  5. Blended the two colors.
  6. Satin yellow eyeshadow(The very left with the teary eyes cartoon) on my inner corners and inner part of my bottom lash line.
  7. Highlighted underneath my brows with that flesh color(third column from the left with that blushing cartoon).
  8. Lined my waterline with a white eyeliner pencil.
  9. Lined my upper lash line with my Eyeliner pen from IN2IT.
  10. Curled and applied mascara.
  11. Cut false lashes to half and applied it only at the outer corners.

See? :D You have your very own demi lashes! I just cut the middle part of the full lashes('cause it's where the longest hairs are). And voila! Demi lashes! :D

So, what do you think of this look? Does this scream summer? :D Like sweet mangoes?
Anyhoo, good luck to us students who will be saying hello to school! :)


  1. this is nice! :)

    btw, i'm follwing you now, mind to follow back? Thanks!!


    1. Aawwee ♥ Thank you! :* I'm already your follower! :D Love your blog!

  2. lol at the faces on the palette! XD love the fresh eye makeup!

  3. good job ^_^

    btw, I think I saw you at Redemptorist Church yesterday (june 10), but I'm not really sure...LOL... may she just looked like you. hehehe

    1. Thanks Hollie! :D

      Ayy, that wasn't me. :\ I go on Sto. Rosario to hear mass. Maybe some other time, we'll bumped into each other. Cebu's a small place. Heeee :D

  4. I love your eyeshadow palette! :D

  5. The orange and yellow really work together and are super flattering and summer appropriate, even though they are more difficult colours to wear. You pull off the look brilliantly :)

  6. Love the animation! And beautiful use of colors! :)

    Great post! I just followed you on Google Friend Connect and BlogLovin'! Hope you can drop by my blog too and maybe get a follow back? :) Thank you and more power!


    1. I'm already a follower of your blog! Heeee :D


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