Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review and Swatch: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in #3

A basic eye brow definer that comes in a twisty type. I favor twists over the ones that needs to be sharpen because...laziness. Hahaha This also comes with a spooly at the opposite side for brushing eyebrow hair and for creating a soft effect.
The product is creamy/waxy. Makes unruly hairs stay put to its rightful place.

Comparison with EH Drawing Eye Brow #1(?)
L-R: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #1(?) and Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #3
Drawing Eye Brow #1(?) is more of a dark brown or more like of muddy brown. Drawing Eye Brow #3 is a true brown color. Think of Crayola's brown crayons. Obviously, #3 is lighter than #1(?) as seen above.
*I am not sure if I had the #1 or #2. Hahahaha lost my old one's cover, where the shade was indicated.*

In Action
Who else is a "half-brow" human being here? Put your hands up in the air and give me a high-five! Hence the two-toned brows I have at the last photo. My eyebrows are just jet black especially on the right side(left side of photo). The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in #1(?) matches my eyebrow hairs, not perfectly but it blends with it as opposed to #3. But #3 matches my current hair color, which I will be saying goodbye in a few weeks now. Ok. Cutting the chit-chat now!

Overall, I really like this waxy, pencil/twist type of eyebrow definers. For running late moments of my life, I choose this over powder ones. Light strokes is the key to using pencil types. Like drawing tiny hairs just like your eyebrows! This also retails in the Philippines for only 128.00Php. Really cheap for something that lasts a year or longer, depending how much it is used. It also available in "refills" (you can pull out the pencil side with full effort) which is much cheaper but always out of stock. Talking about saving your money and mother Earth?
This is good to pair with their eyebrow tint which I have a review here! Click click click.  But not the exact shade as on my review, I meant the darker one.  

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  1. I use this too but honestly it is so tricky to apply! Sometimes it ruins my eyebrows :/


  2. Yes! That's why it should be use with light hands. Just imitate your brow hairs and everything will be perfect!

  3. I use the darkest one (I think) and I love it! It matches my brow perfectly and it's so easy to use :)

  4. Looks really good ! I would really like to try out one of these kind of pencils, since I'm often in a hurry haha :)

  5. Is the TFS style my brows in twist type? Hahahahaha I hate sharpening pencils. I don't have time for it. Hahaha
    Also, I've seen the toying around of MAC yesterday. I expected so much but it was a mehh to me. I liked the "enjoy it all" shade the most. :D

  6. You should! This is a time/life saver :D

  7. I knoooowww! But this product really needs practice for me. Hahahahaha But I got a hang out of it.

  8. I have the sort-a grey shade of this. Used it up. But didn't repurchase. It doesn't last long on my oily skin. Haha. But these are really affordable. :)

  9. Yeps, I liked the shade "enjoy it all" as well. but I already have 2 purply shades from mac, that's why I dismissed it. hehehe

    The TFS has both the twist type and pencil type.

  10. This has been my to go eyebrow pencil for years! I've used up at least 5 of them. They are fantastic. Also I love your pictures :)

  11. OMG. *fan girl-ing mode* Hahahaha Awwee, thank you! :)

  12. The brows look very natural, love it!

    Add me via GFC or Youtube and I will always follow back :)
    xoxo, Mango ❤

  13. I have this one also but I usually use it to shape the brows :D

  14. I used to use it to shape the brows too! But I somehow "mastered" using it to fill the brows as well. Haha Took years though. Hahahahaha


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