Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Whatever Wednesday: Facial Hair Remover (No wax!)

I'd be honest. I have these tiny hairs on my upper lip area and every single time I take a picture for a lip swatch, they really show up! Hence, my full face picture instead of a close-up. (Now you know the reason) I've seen Asian bloggers and vloggers use this "thing" so I gave in.
I got this at Watsons for only 89.00php. All you have to do is form this into an upside-down "U" and twist the pink handles with your fingers to remove unwanted hair. Easy right? Kind of like threading, I guess. (I've never tried threading though)


  1. I've tried this before and lost mine, they're so handy to keep around!

  2. I am mostly annoyed by my lip hair but I never had the courage to removed them. Not that I have men like lip hair anyway and I think it's normal for girls to have it too. That tool seems so useful Elle :) thanks a lot for the share <3

    love lots,

  3. Totally normal! I can imagine what you're trying to say. :) You can try to find this tool if your upper lip hairs are bothering you. :)

  4. I use this too! Hooray! :D

  5. Ohmen! Hmm, maybe applying ice may give you numbness to "lessen" the pain? :D

  6. Ice sounds good! Thanks for the tip! :)

  7. ooo hav a couple of questions... is it painful to use it? when the hairs grow back are they thicker? and what do you call it (so i know what to tell the sales lady when i look for it)? :)

  8. Painful? In all honesty, I find it very enjoyable. I don't know why. Hahaha No pain at all. But to some, like Juvy of Plump Cheeks (down below this comment), it's painful for her. I think this opinion varies.
    Nope. Just like waxing, and threading, the hair grows to its "normal" width(?) as opposed to shaving...which is like cutting the hair.
    It was called "Facial Hair Remover". Can be found at Watsons' "tools" section. :D


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