Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Ever Bilena Lip Pencil in Cappucino, Burgundy, and Orange (Lip swatches)

Heads up! This is a super ultra mega backlog! -__- This is so last two months. -__- Didn't get to swatch it on the lips not until today. Shocks! Ohwellllll.

Opening my arms to bolder lip colors so I needed to find one that is cheap because this is an experiment to find a bold color(s) that would suit me best. Who would want to spend so much on something that you aren't sure of? I know testers are out there but indirectly kissing people isn't a good thing to think of.  (Please tell and persuade me to go on makeup counters and try out the testers on my lips.)
Presenting Ever Bilena's lip pencil in Cappuccino, Burgundy, and Orange. The matte finish of the pencils makes it look so sleek! And for only a 100php? I am sold! Also, a lip pencil has a longer staying power than lip sticks, right? But if it fails in that department, at least, it looks more than a hundred peso product. *wink*
This is how the pencils looks like. Just a glance and you'll know what color the pencil is without reading the text. Thanks to the colors at the other end of the pencil! Really helpful

Lip Swatches

Yup, a photo from my Revlon foundation review because I can't find my burgundy lip pencil. wth

An over exposed photo so the color would really show up. The camera is not picking up the right shade when adjust to the "right exposure".

My thoughts
It's super cheap for a lip pencil and can be found nationwide (Philippines). For someone exploring new colors for the lips, this is a great and cheap way to find something that'll suit you. Yes, you can test at the counters but I just can't. (mentioned above). This comes in a lot of shades, also pink, but didn't get it since I was afraid of pink lipsticks back then (before my MAC chatterbox phase, I told you this is a super backlog!) Its finish is in matte. I really like lipsticks that are matte in finish but my lips doesn't. These lip pencils dries the hell out of my lips really really bad, even with lip balm prior to applying it. It also stains the lips, which annoys some people. Needs to be sharpen (if it's not obvious). Many brands are now releasing twist-up lip pencils (thank God!).

Horay for the new theme! Less boring than my previous blog theme. Heeeee I am also thinking of rebranding. Maybe dropping off the "ontheloose". I really don't know. 
Also, I am currently on my lip product addiction phase. Hahahaha So expect posts of lipsticks in the upcoming weeks.
Aaaaand, I got into Med school! Horaaaaah!
 Whose in Med school here? Or a health care professional? 


  1. Cappuccino and Burgundy look really good on you! :)


    CJ -Latest Post

  2. Err, the drying turned me off. But they look absolutely divine on you! <3 Also, congratulations on getting into med school! And love your new layout :)

  3. It even tugs the lips. -__- (I forgot to type this)
    Thank you! :)

  4. Love the shades but I don't really use lip pencils. :P Congrats on Med School, dear! :D

  5. thanks for the review! :) drying products are a pain haha.

  6. though I've seen these on some blogs, I keep forgetting to check it out. I so want to get an orange lip pencil that I can use for my MAC Morange. hehe BTW, congrats on Med School. Also, If you're thinking of re-branding do it as soon as possible while your blog is still on it's earlier phase... I've been wanting to rename my blog for some time now but I decided not to go through with it since My blog has been up over 3 yrs na. The changes needed will be drastic in case I do decide to change my blog name and url. (sigh)

  7. I know :((( Why do even companies release them? :(( Hahahaha

  8. Woah. I haven't tried this lip pencil with my MAC Morange. You gave me an idea! But but, the dryness makes me want to back-out! -__-
    I've been blogging for the longest time too! Maybe three years too! Hahaha But I am mostly MIA -___- hashtag sadtruestory


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