Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'll be showing you my latest purchase of scents. I'm not only addicted to shoes but to perfumes/colognes/scents also. I've been saving my Anna Sui Wish and CK In2U for the longest time but it's now nearly at the bottom; and buying expensive and always out of stock perfumes is just giving me a headache so I opt for a scent that is locally available and cheap. 
Scents and blends got a perfect score for my criteria---locally available and cheap! It's sold nationwide, like in Watsons and SM. Their perfumes, colognes, Eau de toilette(what's the common name of this?Hahaha Loser me.), body wash, hand sanitizers, and lotions are sold for a really cheap price. Their price range from P50-P400(?). They also have this buy 1 take 1, two for P160 and many more promos.

I got be girl and White musk for a total of just P280.00! Oh so cheap!
Description by Scents and blends:
Light velvety must with hints of basil and floral lily, rose, jasmine, fresh amber and fruity peach.
White musk, a Eau de toilette, will last me at least the whole day if I won't be sweating a lot. A 55ml bottle which costs only P200.00!
be girl is from a promo which is 2 for P160. I think be girl is just a cologne because it only lasted for 2 hours. I am 100% sure to buy the White musk so I ask the saleslady if I can get only just one, and she agreed.  She gave this to me for a price of only P80.00(duh!) This one smells like my Anna Sui Wish perfume(the blue one). I'm really glad to find a "dupe" of my Anna Sui. Anna Sui costs P2k+ and be girl would only cost me P80.00. But Anna Sui is a perfume and it stays on the whole day---even my clothes are already washed, there's still a trace of the Anna Sui scent. But if you're looking for a VERY CHEAP "dupe", then I suggest you get be girl.

P.S. Pictures taken using my phone. My camera's battery compartment broke---yes, it won't turn on right now. -__-


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