Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel

Hello brats! I'm thinking of calling my readers other than "readers". Is "brat" ok with you? :D Another review here.

 Price: P139.75
Place bought: Watsons
Product content: 10g

Product description:
  • Oil Free
  • Won't clog pores
  • Reduces pimples fast. The fast acting micro-gel formula starts to clear pimples 4 hours after application. The breakthrough salicylic acid and botanical formula works to reduce the symptoms of acne fast.
  • Reduce redness/reduce size - 4 hours after application
  • Reduces swelling - 8 hours after application
--to be updated--

My verdict:
It comes in a squeeze tube which is hygienic. It's a clear gel which smells like glue, but it's not that bad. I apply it directly on areas where pimples are starting to grow. I apply this before my moisturizer. Just a dot on the pimple and I'm good to go. It says that it reduces the size of the pimple after 4 hours but I can't tell. I didn't change anything, whether the size or redness. I apply this every morning and night in 3 days straight---the least. I've discovered that it makes the pimples worse if you're not religious enough on putting this to affected areas. It does the job but it's not that fast as what it claims.

What happens when you skip a day of not applying it on the pimple:
It is right at the center of my big forehead
I don't have an after photo(healed pimples) due to my busy schedule and my camera that has been going loco since mid April. -__- I am so sorry.

Will I recommend this? It didn't work that good on me so it's a no. But if your skin is not sensitive as mine, then maybe you can try this product.
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  1. ohhhh i had one like that and i didn't like it either :[ better luck next time. oh and brat is okay! lol though i really don't feel like i'm a brat O_O

    1. Maybe panoxyl is better? Have you tried it?
      I kinda don't feel the "brat". :\ I think some people will be offended or something? Hahaha Ohmy.

  2. i've tried the celeteque acne gel..very similar to the clean and clear one.. i haven't seen any visible results either. u probably might want to try something that contains salicylic acid instead since you'r pimples isn't that worse. :) followed ur blog by the way! i'd appreciate if u'd follow mine too!! :D

    1. This one has salicylic acid too! :)
      Followed you already! :*


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