Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glamworks Nose Pore Strip

This is my first time to try nose pore strips so I'm pretty excited and anxious. teehe I got this from Watsons' for only P89 for 12 strips! YAY! :D

Directions and Ingredients.
Here's the strip from the pack.

I just followed what's written on the directions since I don't have any idea how to put it. HAHAHA Basically, I wanted my pored to open up so I put hot towel on my nose for 30secs. Then I followed  what's written on the directions. :D
I left it for 12mins, yes, I used a timer from my phone so I'm sure it's 12mins. :))) I can feel it's also dry at that time so I slowly peeled it off from the sides. I really thought it will hurt a lot but it didn't! YAY! :D Wanna know if it worked?
(I know! it's gross) tadaa! yes! it did work well actually. :) I didn't expect it to work this great because it was cheap. Though, there are some parts on my nose that's still has blackheads.(it didn't stick to that part so, yeah, that's the reason HAHA) at least, I made it work since it's my first time. :)
Here is a picture of me nose after using the nose pore strip. :D (I can't show you the before picture since all I captured was very blurry T___T)
I guess I did a pretty good job putting the nose pore strip. :D YAY! and the strip did a very good job as well! :

Rate? if I just did an A+ in putting the strip ('cause i think it also matters so the product can work well) I'll give it a 5/5. :)


  1. i think you did a great job putting on them nose strip, have you tried biore ones??? they are pretty good, but a bit expensive. but i read i na mag sometimes ago that if you exfoliate your nose often(but not too often) your pore will be cleaner thus smaller pores...

    btw im holding a giveaway at blog, care to try your luck??? =P


  2. did i? YAY! :D biore? is it available in watsons' too? :) yes, i've also read an article about exfoliating. I'll be trying some soon. :)

    ok. I'll check it out. :) thanks for reading, hun! :) :*

  3. I bought these because I read this review! Thank you it really does work! :) Thank you

  4. I'm glad it worked on you too! :)

    awwee. ♥ thanks for reading! :)

  5. Good thing it worked for you. Commercial nose pore strips usually don't work for me. :( I just use egg white. Anyway, thanks for following. I'm following back! :)


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