Friday, December 28, 2012

The FaceShop Daily Beauty Tools Eyelashes

Price: (To be updated)
Place Bought: TFS SM Northwing City Cebu
Product Content: 1 pair of falsies + Glue

Hellloooo from QC! Photos were taken when I was still in Ubec! :D

Yes, another falsies to feature here on my blog. Who's an addict like me? ヾ(*´∇`)ノ I just love 'em even though people around me find it kinda weird wearing these on ordinary days. I don't get to go to special occasions very often now so why wait for it to come just to wear these gorgeous falsies?

Taking a break from Etude House Clear Line falsies, here is The Faceshop's Eyelashes. I literally squeaked when I saw this at TFS! I was looking for falsies with this kind of shape and lucky me I got the last pair!

I think this is an instruction manual on how to use the falsies assuming with the step bu step photo seen on the first and second photo above.

From short to long strands of hair, obviously, this will make doll like eyes.

Though this pair is not curled compared to the EH falsies but you can always use your favorite eyelash curler to curl them.

Can you see those really thin strands? They make the falsies look naturally thick! I've heard from youtube gurus that the crisscross falsies look more natural than those that aren't. I noticed that most of the Asian falsies have this kind of strands and they really make the eyes naturally doll like looking. (Do I make any sense? Hahahahaha)

Without falsies
With Falsies
Not much of a difference, eh? But it accentuates the outer corners of the eyes making it bigger. It looks really natural so you can use this during the day.

Fuller lashes! Thanks to the short, thin lashes in between

What can I say? Your eyebrows aren't twins, they are just sisters. Hahahaha Anyhoo, can you see how the falsies makes my eyes more round? No, I'm not using circle lenses.

I'm loving popsicle (gradient) lips lately!
Overall, I love this pair! Very lightweight and easy to stick on the lash line. Unlike other falsies, the wideness of this fits my lashline...well, it should fit since you can't cut the edges of this one or it'll look awful. You can wear this during the day or night. I think this looks good with a winged eyeliner.


  1. oh, it looks so natural on you o-o

  2. the lashes look so pretty and natural xD

    followed you xoxo

  3. You look very pretty! :D
    Now I feel like buying one myself! It looks very natural, so I don't think people would find it too weird if I'd wear one on a normal day. Thanks for sharing this :D

  4. Really nice produce Elle! Looks great on you too! :)
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  5. Hehe, last picture does really look...adorable :D Those falsies are interesting, I'd like to try them later on my prom. Hope they'll also be awesome like yours.

  6. very nice! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  7. Aren't falsies fun? I don't wear them everyday anymore but I did when I first learned how to put them on. Nice little blog here, I'll be following you on Nuffnang from now on :)

    I hope you get to visit my blog too.

  8. Wow, amazing. I love false eyelashes too! hope we can be followers, Love your blog

  9. ooo I love love love false lashes!

    My husband doesn't lol too bad right?
    these look amazing on you.. so natural looking

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