Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: TheFaceShop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask

The summer wave is finally hitting the island and ohboy my pores are showing up like cray cray! Pore minimizing products are sure helpful for this season. I am scared to try out a whole new line because my skin is sensitive so I opt for a clay mask since I can apply this every once or twice a week. How can I not have a sensitive skin? It's really awesome to try every skin care out there in the market and not get allergies and zits. I am totally envious of people who has, if not perfect, at least not sensitive to almost everything.
"Deep cleansing mask with clay and patent pore shrinking complex absorbs impurities and excess sebum to control and clear pores." That'll surely let someone put this into their cart!
Ingredients wise, it uses Kaolin which is used mostly for masks in cosmetics. According to, Kaolin is excellent for regulating the oil and moisture in skin, promoting a smoother and healthier complexion, and absorbing excess shine. Though this product contains mineral oil, maybe this will scare some buyers as there are rumors about it being bad for the skin. (I should probably do a thesis on this as this ingredient is full of controversy and whatnots. It'll be exciting! Hahaha)

The good news? This is good for all skin types, well, as what TFS claims. I like products that are good for all skin types as I feel they are good for sensitive skin. Hahaha Just like the world famous Cetaphil cleanser.
This one comes in a squeeze type100g tube for easy and hygienic way of dispensing the product. 
In attempting to give you the almost perfect color of the product, I forgot how my skintone looks in the photos. Hahahaha The product is close to mint green in color but more on the whiter side. Creamy texture and glides on the skin smoothly. Upon waiting for the product to dry, you'll get a minty feeling on the skin. (Can you even feel mint? Hahahaha Maybe the word is tingly? Do you get my point? Hahaha)

How I use TheFaceShop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask:
Step 1: Wash my face using my trusty cleaser.
Step 2: Use toner and wait for it to dry
Step 3: Apply TheFaceshop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask only on my T-zone area an medial             part of my cheeks where my humongous pores are found.
Step 4: The waiting game. 10mins.
Step 5: Wash it off with cold water. Like, from the fridge water!
Step 6: Apply moisturizer!
I sometimes don't apply toner on my face when I'm having allergies from whatever due to commuting. When this day(s) comes, after cleansing, I splash my face with warm water just to really open the pores so the clay mask can do its job thoroughly. Then proceed to step 3.

My experience with this mask is good. If I want to have a "night life" which is all about giving myself a good time by relaxing. Ha ha ha (No social life) Ok, going back. I do this once a week for a treat from all the day's stress. It feels really cool on the skin--ahh, this is the word! Not tingly. Hahaha kind of into the minty side. I can totally watch Sherlock (mehehe Benedict Cumberbatch is ♥) while waiting for the clay mask to dry. I've experienced tiny bumps sometimes after using this but it doesn't "evolve" to a pimple. The tiny bumps would go away after 24hours, though. I don't know if it's an allergic reaction to the product but it isn't itchy at all, neither looks red.

Overall, I think I can find a better clay mask than this. Concerning about my pores, it haven't (maybe the word is didn't) shrink. I didn't notice anything about shrinking. But every after using this product, it makes the skin feel really clean and light. Though the tiny bumps may be a problem 'cause it's visible up close.
I heard about Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and many said it's good, especially on acne. And it's locally available in the country! Maybe I'll be trying it once I finish this tube.

Have you used a clay mask? How was your experience? Any recommendations that I could try as well?


  1. I never tried before but looks like a nice mask! The Face Shop is an excellent brand~

  2. Love your blog :D -

  3. Too bad it didn't have good results of pore shrinking,and if it an allergic reaction should really stop using it >.< Your precious skin deserves better!!!

    恵美より ♥

  4. I know! Tssk I'm planning on buying the Queen Helene one so I can compare and contrast them both. :)

  5. I tried their emulsion before and it didn't work, too. I even had breakouts! I am currently using the Queen Helene Mint Julep masque and I can't say it worked but I can't say it didn't work either. I guess I haven't seen the results yet? Great review, though! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  6. Aww :( That's bad.
    Hmm, maybe you need something different. Something that'll really suit your skin. :)

  7. I've used Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, I bought it at Healthy Options. It was really nice and made my skin super smooth, but I ended up giving it away because it was too drying on my skin. That was 2 years ago. But now, my skin changed and it became normal/combination skin, definitely not dry anymore. So I might give that another try. hehe BTW, how much is this TFS mask? the queen helene is only around Php300+

  8. Since I have dry skin, I don't need this type of products but I'm so memorized by your background.

  9. I am dry on some parts of my face so I only use this on the T-zone and across the nose area. :)

  10. Hi Hollie! :D Awww, is it? Too bad. My face is kind of evolving into a dry skin-type since I reached the age 20. Hahaha A lot has been going on with my body right now even my skin.
    TFS mask costs me 600+php! Tssk

  11. What makes your face sensitive sis? Do you experience redness or just breakouts after?

    I have problems with big pores. I'm trying Celeteque, I hope it would remove my big pores.
    I've tried glamglow mask and I like it.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


  12. Redness. Breakouts are now very seldom as I am aging. Hahaha
    I've tried Celeteque products before but I didn't work on me :( But that was way back in high school or when I just started college.
    Glamglow? Hmm, is it the one found at Watsons? :D

  13. I experience redness too in some products, but it doesn't hurt though. Some of their products seems doesn't work for me too. Glamglow is different from glamworks or other glam brands. :)

  14. Hahahahahaha Oh, was thinking of glamworks.
    I'll try to check on glamglow :)


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