Saturday, March 1, 2014

Too early for throwback Thursday, too late for flashback Friday

I've got nothing for this Saturday since my files are all in my laptop and I am stuck with another computer here at home because of reasons. I decided to visit my first ever post then to the newer ones; and my oh my I was laughing at the same time embarrassed! I mean, the quality of my photos back then and my ultimate mistake until now, no proof reading and whatsoever that my spellings and grammar are meh. Hahahaha And my dear, I gained a lot of weight! Check out my first makeup post here "click me" and "me"

And my most recent makeup post here "click me"
From my product shots' background too! From my pink desk (and really bad lighting and quality), look at this post, to this white cloth, view it here. I also did post some GIF images, click here!
and to product shots' with gigantic watermarks on them! Hahahaha ohmy But it's a good thing to have then I've grown out of it(?). Well, I decided to not have watermarks since it's kind of distracting. (If there's anyone out there using my photos, please, a link back to my blog would be highly appreciated or any kind of thanking me for the photo. Don't "got it from google" me.) Then to product shots' background in cream color. Now, to my Revlon liquid foundation post to the most recent one(previous post), gold and some bokehlicious background. I am still finding my style on my product shots and the way I share my views and opinion about a product so please be patient with me as I am trying to improve and give you readers a better than my previous posts and the maybe the best out there. 
I also changed banners for my blog! There's one in this post! click here to view!
I also shared my addiction to falsies on my blog. And been buying ever since but haven't shared a lot of the falsies I owned because one, I get too excited that I wear them immediately the next day, two, I don't know. Hahaha I'll be sharing my recent pairs soon on this blog.

To my first few readers of this blog and to the newbies, thank you for showing support by following and sharing your thoughts through the comment box! I may be MIA sometimes but I will be continuing to blog in here. I update the blog with new posts every once a week and I hope I can maintain this cycle.
Once again, thank you so much and God bless you all! :)


  1. Aww it's always interesting to see how a blogger evolves. I like those gifs too! :)

  2. sis i dont see any difference sa weight between the pictures now and before haha! :D youre still as pretty as ever although i must say that your skin now is a lot brighter and smoother :) ganda ng shots mo dito especially the first one. did you use highlighter under your eyes?

  3. Really? Maybe it's the angle or something. Hahaha I now have a double chin now (if you've seen me in person. Hahaha)
    Under my eyes? Nope. But if you're referring somewhere on the lash line, I used a shimmery cream colored shadow and gold. :)

  4. Oh very cute makeup dear,


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