Saturday, June 7, 2014

MAC Show Orchid Review, Pictures, Lip Swatch

Finally! Got a shade that's close to Pantone Radiant Orchid...note really. Better late than never. *wink*

Shade and Finish
MAC Show Orchid is described as vivid hot pink in amplified creme finish. The color appears on me more of purple with a mix of pink. Really creamy, as all amplified finishes are on me. Glides on smoothly on the lips. Very opaque and has a vanilla scent to it. Stays on 5 hours tops with minimal drinking and eating. It kind of survived while I was eating my favorite instant noodles...jjamppong, but it slightly faded in the middle part. Should I test lipsticks by eating noodles? Yes? Hahaha that would be the toughest test, I guess.

Lip Swatch
It made my teeth appear more yellow than usual...weird. 'cause I think this belongs to the cool-toned colors. 
It appears really light here though. Please refer to my phone captured photo below because it is much closer to the real color. 
Phone camera captured the color really well! Setting up the right camera setting is pretty hard. :(

New hair color for me! Goodbye golden blonde! Say hello to, uhh, 6.3 of Loreal Majirel. I'm getting over light colored hair and now transitioning to ashy or brown tones.
School starts this Monday and I can't wait! New school and everything! I hope I won't be M.I.A (again and again) like the past years. :( Who's going back to school this year? :)


  1. Oh wow, that color is sooo beautiful! I've been loving bold lipsticks and a deep purplish pink is always something I'd be willing to try! Your hair looks great too!

  2. This is such a pretty purple-pink shade! Suits you really well!! <3 And really, I envy you for being able to pull off bright lipsticks. I don't think I can -_-

  3. Setting up camera setting. Yes. Tell me about it.

  4. It's def a must have! :D Awwee, thank you! :*

  5. Ayy, hiyang-hiya naman ako sa dark lipsticks! -___- (so much feels here)

  6. Reallyyyyyyyyy frustrating! :(((


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